IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MOD - Issue 1.53 (new) Make "document-format-supported" REQUIRED

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> MOD - Issue 1.53 (new) Make "document-format-supported" REQUIRED

IPP> MOD - Issue 1.53 (new) Make "document-format-supported" REQUIRED

Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 13:01:38 -0800

Here is a new issue for the IPP Model document that we should resolve as we
review the proposed SLP Printer template. I propose that we do change
"document-format-supported" to REQUIRED for directory schemas as shown in
our table in Section 17 of the MOD.

Here is what I'm adding to the Issue document:

Question 1.53 Should we make document-format-supported REQUIRED for
directories? Section 17 lists the REQUIRED and OPTIONAL attributes for
directories entries. We have made REQUIRED, and attribute that is also
required for an IPP Printer and we have made OPTIONAL any that are OPTIONAL
for an IPP Printer. The single exception is that
"document-format-supported" is still OPTIONAL. Agreed resolution to issue
1.4 did clarify that "document-format-supported" is REQUIRED for IPP
Printers. Tom Hastings

Discussion This is important for the SLP Printer template discussion
and review, so that it is mandatory for directory entries. Also which
document formats that a printer supports is pretty important to a user in
order to select a printer.

Answer Change the line in the table in Section 17, Generic Directory Schema
that contains "document-format-supported" from OPTIONAL to REQUIRED.

Tom Hastings
(310) 333-6413