IPP Mail Archive: RE: RE: IPP> MOD> Issue 1.19 [REVISITED - charset

IPP Mail Archive: RE: RE: IPP> MOD> Issue 1.19 [REVISITED - charset

RE: RE: IPP> MOD> Issue 1.19 [REVISITED - charset

Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 06:22:27 -0800

How about saying that for the 'client-error-bad-request (bad syntax), that
IPP object doesn't return the "status-message" attribute, if supported,
this is a developer error. Then for bad syntax it doesn't matter what
is returned in the bad syntax error response, since there aren't any 'text'
or 'name'
attributes in the error response. So may as well return the
on a bad syntax error response.


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>> Is a message that specifies an operation that the server
>doesn't support a =
>> malformed request?
>> -Hugo
>No. But must I use the "attribute-charset" from the request
>when forming this type of response:
> client-error-bad-request (0x0400)
>The request could not be understood by the IPP object due to
>malformed syntax (such as the value of a fixed length
>attribute whose length does not match the prescribed length
>for that attribute - see the Implementer's Guide [IPP-IIG]
>section 16.3). The IPP application SHOULD NOT repeat the
>request without modifications.
>I've got to put SOMETHING in the response "attributes-charset"
>operation attribute. And I could OPTIONALLY have a
>"status-message" in the response.
> -Carl
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