IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Mitsubishi M16C ** DANGER **

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Mitsubishi M16C ** DANGER **

IPP> Mitsubishi M16C ** DANGER **

Geoff (geoff@quanta.paypc.com)
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:29:30 +1000

Hi folks

This is off topic, but in the interests of saving engineering time, please
note that the use of Mitsubishi M16C micros will cost your company dearly;
they do not have samples, support etc - and their registers are degenerate.
Their memory structure is also very, very misleading, and if you are doing any
kind of ethernet or bursty data, you will fast discover (but too late) thse
latent faults. On top of that, rumor has it that their masked parts have high
failure rates.

They instead put their efforts into training their engineers in PR crisis

I've got a string of email from some very pissed off engineers, and it is
suprising anyone would market this. I know that HP uses (or at least uded to
use) Mitsubishi parts, so be very darn careful or risk losing substantial
development costs.

Please pass this message along to your design folks or contact me for further
info and proof.