IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Unrecognized Market Potential

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Unrecognized Market Potential

IPP> Unrecognized Market Potential

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Company: American Interactive media Group, Inc.
Symbol: AIME

AIME is trading below historical highs. Recent corporate activity leads one to believe this company is about to achieve high recognition as a unique and important Internet company.

AIME creates Portals for large affinity groups.

Recently AIME announced that "MMG Direct", one of the countries largest telemarketing firms with over 30,000,000 in its membership base. Has agreed to offer AIME's services to the MMG Direct database. If the company only experiences a 2% penetration (600,000 subscribers). AIME will become a leader in the field of original content and programming. MMG is only the first.

AIME has positioned itself in a similar position as many successful software co's in the early stages of the personal computer explosion. "content is king" and AIME has the resources to take advantage of it.

The ability for these newly created programs to migrate to cable shines a bright light on AIME's position as a company with outstanding long term potential.

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