IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP server behavior

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP server behavior

IPP> IPP server behavior

Randy Turner (rturner@sharplabs.com)
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 07:50:28 -0800

I concur with Scott's comment, and would also like to add that I think the
server can return an error message to a POST at the point it determines
there is a problem, and not necessarily when the entire POST has been
transferred. I think we have text in the protocol doc or implementer's
guide that mentions this.

If you're using a library or other 3rd party component that doesn't allow
this behavior, then it's an implementation problem and not a problem with


At 02:24 PM 12/14/98 +0000, Scott Lawrence wrote:
>Michael Sweet wrote:
>> The IPP/HTTP server can send an error message (request-too-large or
>> something similar) and ignore print data once it exceeds the server
>> limit. By ignoring I mean that the server will continue to read the
>> data file sent by the client, but it won't store the data for later
>> use. This means that the client won't know that the data file is too
>> large until is has been sent in its entirety, however HTTP doesn't
>> provide a method for stopping a request short of closing the client
>> connection.
>But closing the connection is perfectly acceptable under these
>circumstances; there is no reason why the server should continue to receive
>the data if that creates a server problem. The server can generate the
>error response and close the connection.
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