IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Chunked POST

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Chunked POST

Re: IPP> Chunked POST

Carl Kugler (kugler@us.ibm.com)
17 Dec 1998 19:19:26 -0000

Michael Sweet wrote:
> Carl Kugler wrote:
> > ...
> > I think that's a good solution for the short term, but in the long
> > run I think the httpd should be part of the platform infrastructure,
> > not something that has to be written and installed again for each
> > HTTP application. Call me a dreamer; I haven't given up on the
> > Grail of modular software and code reuse.
> Well, it's a good dream, but I know from experience that N UNIX
> varients will have N*N solutions to the same problem... :)

That's the whole "raison d'etre" of standards!

> For vendors just getting started with HTTP and IPP, they'll have to
> start with someone's code and port it, or write their own server.
> NIC-based HTTP servers have to be small and not rely on disk files,
> so the number of available servers to port/copy is pretty small.
> In the end I think most printer vendors will have to roll their own
> servers...
> --
I'll bet you don't supply your own TCP/IP stack, although a few years ago you might have (at least on PC platforms).


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