IPP Mail Archive: IPP> SLP 'printer:' template comments

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> SLP 'printer:' template comments

IPP> SLP 'printer:' template comments

Hugo Parra (HPARRA@novell.com)
Thu, 07 Jan 1999 17:24:07 -0700

I'd like to propose the following changes to the SLP 'printer:' template =
spec recently distributed by Ira.

1. The template-url-syntax needs to include definitions for NDPS and TCP =
printers. The NDPS flavor would look as follows,
ndpsurl =3D "ndps://" hostport [ nds-name / pa-name ]
nds-name =3D "/nds/" fqn
fqn =3D /* fully qualified NDS printer name */
pa-name =3D "/pa/" printer-name
printer-name =3D /* NDPS printer agent name */
2. uri-security-supported, add 'nds-sec' to legal values.
3. printer-location, make it optional. Very few administrators set this =
up today and it's optional in IPP.
4. printer-current-operator, make it multi-valued. PServer and NDPS =
support multiple operators.
5. printer-service-person, make it multi-valued.
6. natural-language-configured, add 'client-dependent' to legal values. =
NDPS returns error and status info in the form of OIDs. Clients translate =
those OIDs to localized strings.
7. natural-language-supported, add 'client-dependent' to legal values.
8. document-format-supported, make it optional. It's not always available =
to print servers front-ending legacy printers.
9. color-supported, add 'unknown' as legal value.
10. sides-supported, consider making optional.
11. media-supported, make optional.
12. media-local-supported, make optional.
13, print-quality-supported, consider removing. Print quality is so =
printer-specific that I question the benefit of having it as an SLP search =
14. copies-supported, rename to max-copies-supported. For clarification.
15. job-k-octets-supported, rename to max-job-l-=3Doctets-supported.
16. printer-mechanism-types, consider adding.

This is my first shot a this. If there are strong reasons for doing =
things differently, let's hear them.