IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES - Teleconference & Bake-Off registration info

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES - Teleconference & Bake-Off registration info

IPP> TES - Teleconference & Bake-Off registration info

Zehler, Peter (Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com)
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 11:02:24 -0800

A teleconference will be held this Friday from Noon to 1:00 eastern(9:00 to
10:00 pacific).
To participate:
Phone: (800) 857-5607 (Xerox Intelnet: 8*535-5000)
passcode: pzehler
Please let me know if we need an international number set up.
I currently have 15 slots set for the call.

The objective is to discuss the content for the IPP Bake-Off 2.
We will discuss the prioritized list for testing at the IPP Bake-Off 2
stored at
The Test Plan will also be useful for the discussion
The Test Plan is available at

The teleconference will cover:
Finalize prioritized list
Flesh out testing items
Discuss testing methodology/logistics/schedule
Timeline to the Bake-Off
Registration information


The call for registration for the second IPP Bake-Off will be sent out this
Registration for the Bake-Off is mandatory to attend.
The last day for registration will be February 1.
If you are going to attend........register.
If you plan to attend...............register.


Peter Zehler
Networked Products Business Unit
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