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IPP Mail Archive: (no subject)

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Wed, 13 Jan 1999 16:53:49 -0700

Ira McDonald wrote:
> Separately, the attribute 'natural-language-supported' (mandatory for
> all IPP Printer objects) is necessary in the 'printer:' template, so
> that the obtained 'service:' URL is actually usable. If the value of
> 'natural-language-configured' is a language NOT supported by a given
> client, then that client must FIRST request from the IPP Printer object
> the 'natural-language-supported' attribute BEFORE any useful work,
> which is contrary to the intended usage of SLPv1/SLPv2.

Ira, there is no attribute with the name 'natural-language-supported' in
IPP/1.0. An IPP Printer MUST accept any natural language and any Natural
Language Override in request attributes. Or are you talking about "
document-natural-language"? Again, there is no "
document-natural-language-supported" attribute in IPP/1.0.