IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> SLP 'printer:' template comments [language]

RE: IPP> SLP 'printer:' template comments [language]

Mikael Pahmp (mikael.pahmp@axis.com)
Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:42:31 +0100

Hi Ira,

I'm wondering why templates for SLPv1 is considered. The only v1
implementation and deployment of recognizable size that I know of
is in Novell's NetWare 5. Is Novell interested in v1 printer

At Axis, we are implementing v2 precisely because we want to use
the printer services you're defining. I don't think v1 templates
are important unless someone is explicitly requesting it. I know
that Erik and others working with the v2 protocol specifications
would like to see people moving to v2.


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> Subject: Re: IPP> SLP 'printer:' template comments [language]
> Hi James,
> I agree that SLPv2 is RFC 2277 / RFC 1766 compliant. But as I
> in my note (I think) we're working on the SLPv2 'printer:'
> as the MASTER, from which we will then derive concrete protocol
> templates for SLPv1 usage (quite important to several vendors).
> So the template has the imbedded 'natural-language-configured'
> attribute in order to be fully RFC 2277 compliant EVEN in SLPv1
> environments.
> Cheers,
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