IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - IETF Meeting Planning Calendar - 11 Jan 1999

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> ADM - IETF Meeting Planning Calendar - 11 Jan 1999

IPP> ADM - IETF Meeting Planning Calendar - 11 Jan 1999

Ira McDonald (imcdonal@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Sun, 17 Jan 99 17:02:07 EST

Hi folks,

Don Wright sent one of these out last year and I found that
I referenced it frequently. I just picked this up from
the IETF's Web set. Meeting schedules of the IETF and many
other standards organizations for calendar 1999 and some of
calendar 2000.

- Ira McDonald


Last update 1/11/99

The information below has been submitted to the IETF Secretariat
as a means of notifying readers of future events. Readers are
requested to send in dates of events that are appropriate for this
calendar section. Please send submissions, corrections, etc., to:


Please note: The Secretariat does not maintain on-line information
for the events listed below.

A copy of this calendar is available as follows:

IETF Information is available by anonymous FTP from several sites.

Northern Europe Address: ftp.nordu.net (
Southern Europe Address: ftp.nis.garr.it (
Pacific Rim Address: munnari.oz.au (
Africa Address: ftp.is.co.za (
West Coast Address: ftp.isi.edu (
US East Coast Address: ftp.ietf.org

cd ietf
ls *0mtg*

<http://www.ietf.org/home.html> Click on the link for "meetings" and
you should find an entry "listing of other Internet related events".


Jan 31-Feb 2 NANOG 15 Denver, CO
Feb. 3-5 1999 Network and Distributed System
Security (NDSS) Symposium
Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego, CA
Feb. 7-13 ATM Forum Atlanta, GA
Feb. 22-25 USENIX - 3rd Sym. on
Oper. Sys Design and
Implementation (OSDI '99) New Orleans, LA
Feb 23-25 W3C Interest Group Mtg TBA
Mar. 8-9 Electronic Payments Forum San Francisco, CA
Mar. 8-12 IEEE 802 Austin
Mar. 15-19 44th IETF Minneapolis, MN
Mar. 22-25 14th Int'l Unicode Conference Boston, MA
Mar. 24-Apr 1 ITU Fax Standards Meeting Geneva, Switzerland
Mar. 24-29 Electronic Messaging Assoc.
EMA '99 Geneva, Switzerland
Apr. 5-9 Networld+Interop 99 Singapore
Apr. 18-24 ATM Forum Rome, Italy
Apr. 26-27 Ninth Int'l Packet Video Wrkshp New York, NY
May 10-14 IFIP/IEEE Int'l Symposium on
Integrated Network Mgmt Boston, MA
May 11-14 Networld+Interop '99 Las Vegas, NV
May 11-May 14 8th International World Wide Web
Conference Toronto, Canada
May 31-Jun 4 Networld+Interop 99 Tokyo, Japan
Jun 4-6 W3C Interest Group Mtg TBA
Jun 7-10 TERENA-NORDUnet Networking 1999 Lund, Sweden
Jun 25-29 INET'99 San Jose, CA
Jul 5-9 IEEE 802 Montreal, Canada
Jul 12-16 45th IETF Oslo, Norway
Jul. 18-24 ATM Forum New Orleans, LA
Aug. 30-Sep 3 SIGCOMM '99 (West Coast US) Cambridge, MA
Sep. 21-23 W3C Interest Group Mtg TBA
Sep. 26-Oct 2 ATM Forum Bangkok, Thailand
Oct. 8-14 TELECOM '99 Geneva, Switzerland
Oct. 13-17 Networld+Interop '99 Atlanta, GA
Nov. 3-4 Cross-Industry Working Team (XIWT) Crystal City, VA
Nov. 8-12 46th IETF Wash DC
Nov. 8-12 IEEE 802 Kaui
Nov. 28-Dec 4 ATM Forum Beverly Hills, CA

Mar. 6-10 IEEE 802 Albuquerque
Mar. 10-14 IEEE 802 San Diego, CA
MAR 27-31 47th IETF Adelaide, Australia
May 9-11 Networld+Interop '00 Las Vegas, NV
late Aug SIGCOMM 2000 Europe (tentative)
Sep 25-29 Networld+Interop '00 Atlanta, GA
Nov. 6-10 IEEE 802 Tampa, FL