IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - how to send text/plain and application/ipp using email


We agreed at yesterday's IPP meeting = that IPP event notification using the 'mailto:' scheme would always send both = 'text/plain' and the equivalent 'application/ipp' MIME types.  = Then (new) programs could use the mailto delivery method to get events = that they could process.

The 'text/plain' contains the human = readable information in any format that is contained in the = 'application/ipp' MIME type, namely five or six attributes.

Should the entire mail body be the = 'multi-part/alternative' MIME type which contains both the 'text/plain' = and 'application/ipp' MIME types, since one is an alternative = representation of the other?

Or should the mail body be the text = and the 'application/ipp' be an attachment?

Which approach would work the best = with existing mail readers (which would ignore the 'application/ipp' = MIME type and display the text)?

Tom = Hastings
(310) = 333-6413