IPP Mail Archive: IPP> image/tiff profiles

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> image/tiff profiles

IPP> image/tiff profiles

Larry Masinter (masinter@parc.xerox.com)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 18:23:20 PST

> >For conformance in IFAX using IPP, we may need to specify that image/tiff
> >includes some particular profile. Or are you suggesting that we need to
> >specify the profile in the value of the IPP "document-format"
> > attribute in some way?

In particular, it would be useful if it were possible to query
printer-capabilities to obtain the same kind of capability expression
that is being supported by Internet Fax. This is specified in the
following documents (approved as Proposed Standard but not yet published
as RFCs):

o Content feature schema for Internet fax
(approved as Proposed Standard)

o 'A syntax for describing media feature sets'
(approved as a Proposed Standard)

o 'Media Features for Display, Print, and Fax'

You might also consider the use of media features to describe
font capabilities and other printer information.

> >Does the submitter (client software) have to identify the
> profile being used in what is being submitted to the IPP Printer,

No; the actual profile can be determined by looking at the
content itself.

> .... or is it sufficient for the IPP Printer to indicate the
> profile or profiles that it will accept

Or that it prefers...

> and image correctly for documents submitted with the document-format
> attribute indicating 'image/tiff'? If the latter is sufficient, we could
> just add a Printer Description attribute, say, tiff-profiles-supported,
> in which the printer lists the tiff profiles that it supports.

I suggest you consider using 'printer-features' and the feature
capability syntax instead. This will have much broader applicability.

> Such an attribute would not be submitted with the document,
> but would be queriable using Get-Printer-Attributes.

Yes, this would be the general regime. There is some overlap between
current IPP printer attributes and a general 'features' attribute,
that you would have to work out.