IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES meeting minutes and Bake-Off 2 info

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES meeting minutes and Bake-Off 2 info

IPP> TES meeting minutes and Bake-Off 2 info

Zehler, Peter (Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com)
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 13:35:37 -0600


On Thursday we held the final TES teleconference before the Bake-Off event.
The participants were Phil DeBecker, Maulik Desai, Tom Hastings, Carl
Kugler, Paul Lei, Harry Lewis, Ming Liu-chan, Peter Michalek, Hugo Parra,
Xavier Riley, Stephanie Suzuki, Bill Wagner, Peter Zehler and Roger Zoe.
The objective was to finalize the list of tests to be performed at the
upcoming Bake-Off.
We got through most of the document (all 2 pages). The Bake-Off 2 List and
the Test Plan is now final. They can be found at
ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/new_TES/Bake-Off2-Official-List.pdf and

Action items:
All: Bring small and large print files to use. We need text, PostScript,
PCL, and TIFF.
Myself: Update List and Test Plan per input from teleconference.
Tom : Redistribute the Xerox Test Tool and the test scripts(B&D) that cover
Carl: Bring a simple test tool that will submit a canned print job and vary
chunking buffer sizes. (Will this be available before the test?)
Myself: send out pair-wise testing instructions (another email)

Test scripts or tools should be made available via the IPP TES page to allow
some testing to be done prior to the Bake-Off. We want the tests to be
debugged prior to the Bake-Off.

The day to day schedule has not been determined other than set-up will be on
the 9th, testing will be 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, tear-down will be on the
12th. The amount of testing that will be done on the 9th is dependent on
how smoothly set-up goes. The amount of testing on the 12th will be
determined by how we do the previous days and how long it takes to tear-down
and pack-up.

Shipping information should be sent out later today. Testing will start at
9am Mountain time and end about 5pm. (We can extend that to about 7 if need
be) We will test from 9am to Noon on the 12th and tear-down can start after
that. Everyone is on there own for accommodations. A list of local hotels
is available at

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