IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Request for information

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Request for information

IPP> Request for information

G. Sudarshan (gsudar@teil.soft.net)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 09:49:04 +0530 (IST)


I request you for relevent information which would help me
to find problems in interoperating with HP IPP printer.

Scenario :

We are trying to test interoperability between our IPP Client with
IPP-enabled HP JetDirect printer (firmware is at level G.07.15).

We see that for small document size (< 100K) we don't have any
problem while Printing a job. However if the document size is large
we get service unavailable.

After sending large document we look for response and get "service
We are not sure whether the response comes in the beginning OR after
the entire document is received by IPP printer.

When we use Xerox IPP Client prototype the application stops receiving
response. We see that it hangs.
With HP Internet Connection software we do not see any problem.

We are wondering whether the problem is because of fast sender (client) and
relatively slow receiver (printer).

Is there a standard protocol to control flow of information between client
and HP printer ?
Whether it has to be done programmatically ?

I would be happy if you could give me any relevent information.

I thank you for your time.

With regards,