IPP Mail Archive: IPP> A Change in Health & Financial Happiness

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> A Change in Health & Financial Happiness

IPP> A Change in Health & Financial Happiness

Fri, 18 Jun 1999 19:05:10

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I am contacting you regarding a tremendous business opportunity that is
presently exploding and helping people in many countries.

This opportunity has exploded in every country it has been introduced,
and it presents an even better advantage to you since you are one of the
first that will have knowledge of it.

There is a remarkable new product that I would like to share with you and it
is a Juice called "Tahitian Noni juice". People have been getting
phenomenal results using Tahitian Noni. This unique juice has been used for
centuries in the South Pacific for diabetes, arthritis,cancer, high blood
pressure, depression, relief of pain, allergies, respiratory afflictions,
intestinal parasites,addictions, immune system failures,sinus problems,
fevers, malignancies or tumors, and other things. It also helps with
increased energy. Tahitian Noni is being marketed for the first time on a
commercial basis. Now you and your family can experience the wonder of relief
where other products have failed.

To give you an idea as to how well it has been doing.... In it's first year
of operation, July of 1996, the company's goal was one million dollars in
sales. It reached that mark in it's fourth month, and actual sales were
thirty-nine million dollars for the first year. In July of 1998, the end of
its second year, sales were $10 million per month or the equivalent
of $120 million per year. In May of 1999, sales reached a remarkable $24.6
million or an equivalent of $295 million per year.

In every country that Tahitian NONI has been introduced, the results has been
nothing short of fantastic. This includes the U.S., Canada, Jamaica, Puerto
Rico, Costa Rica,Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Tahiti
Venezuela, Australia, Malaysia, Japan and the Philippines.... to name a
few. Countries to be opened in the very near future is Hong Kong and Mexico.

We are currently looking for Independent business builders, who are
interested in substantially increasing their income.

If you are interested in this opportunity , please let us know as soon as
possible, so we may work with you in setting up a successful organization.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in learning more about this you can
email noni_00@yahoo.com.

By clicking the link above and sending us an email, you are
verifying your true interest in our product. This simply states
that you desire more information, and not malicious intentions.
Thank you for your understanding!