IPP Mail Archive: IPP> OPS - Updated IPP Additional Administrative Operations Registrati

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> OPS - Updated IPP Additional Administrative Operations Registrati

IPP> OPS - Updated IPP Additional Administrative Operations Registrati

Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 03:36:40 -0700

I've updated the IPP Additional Administrative operations with the
agreements reached at the IPP WG Copenhagen meeting, 7/7/99-7/8/99, and the
IPP telecon, 7/14/99. They are available:


There are 20 issues that are highlighted in yellow in the .doc and .pdf
files. We will cover them and any other issues at the IPP telecon,
Wednesday, 7/28/99, 10-12 PDT (1-3 EDT). Please send any comments ahead of
the telecon to the mailing list.

Here is the updated Abstract, followed by the Change History:

This document specifies 15 additional OPTIONAL administrative operations for
use with the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 (IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and
IPP/1.1 [ipp-mod, ipp-pro]. These operations are 6 Printer object
operations that operators/administrators may perform on a Printer object:
and 7 Job object operations that end-users may perform on their jobs and
operators/administrators may perform on any job:
Cancel-Current-Job (though the target is the Printer
Pause-Current-Job (though the target is the Printer object)
Space-Current-Job (though the target is the Printer object)
In addition, two operation attributes are defined:
"printer-message-from-operator" and "job-message-from-operator" are included
to set the corresponding Printer and Job Description attributes with the
same names. And the "when" operation attribute is added to the IPP/1.1
Pause-Printer operation.
Finally, new status codes: 'client-error-attributes-not-settable' and
'server-error-printer-is-in-standby-mode' are added.

1.1 Changes to the June 30, 1999 version to make the July 19, 1999
The following changes to the June 30, 1999 version to make the July 19, 1999
version as a result of the IPP WG meeting in Copenhagen, 7/7/99-7/8/99, and
the IPP telecon, 7/14/1999:
1. Sections 2.1 and 2.2: Clarified that the way to remove a message
from the operator was for the client to supply a zero-length or all white
space text string which is copied as usual to the
"xxx-message-from-operator" attribute.
2. Section 2.3: Added "factory-settings" (boolean) operation attribute
to the Get-Printer-Attributes operation.
3. Section 2.4: Added the "when" operation attribute to the
Pause-Current-Job operation.
4. Section 2.4: Made the "when" operation attribute OPTIONAL for use
in operations (Pause-Printer, Reset-Printer, Shutdown-Printer, and
Pause-Current-Job operations).
5. Sections 2.5: Added table of operation attributes for the Printer
operations to make it easy to compare.
6. Sections 2.6: Added table of operation attributes for the Job
operations to make it easy to compare.
7. Section 3.1: Added "settable-attributes" (1setOf type2 keyword)
READ-ONLY Printer Description attribute.
8. Section 3.2: Added "printer-controls-other-protocols" (boolean)
Printer Description attribute
9. Section 3.3: Added the READ-ONLY "printer-message-time"
(integer(MIN:MAX)) Printer Description attribute to keep time message
updated in time ticks.
10. Section 4.2: Deleted the 'process-next' "job-state-reasons" value,
so that repeated Promote-Job operations promote each job "to the front of
the queue".
11. Sections and Replaced the table that listed all
attributes with one that lists only the attributes that MUST be READ-ONLY.
12. Section Indicated that attributes that are not specified
as READ-ONLY in this document MAY be settable. If they control behavior,
that changing their values MUST change the behavior.
13. Section and Deleted the "ipp-attribute-fidelity"
operation attribute from the Set-Printer-Attributes and Set-Job-Attributes
operations. All set operations are atomic.
14. Section Add the concept of the Interpreter object to
handle attributes whose values vary in the Set-Printer-Attributes and
Get-Printer-Attributes, depending on the value of the "document-format"
operation attribute.
15. Sections and Changed the "out-of-band"
'not-settable' value back to the existing 'not-supported' value.
16. Section 6.1.2 and 6.1.3: Added "job-type" operation attribute to
Disable-Printer and Enable-Printer operations with values: 'network-jobs',
'walk-up-jobs', and 'all-jobs'.
17. Section 6.1.5: Clarified that Restart-Printer brings up the Printer
disabled and paused, since that is the eventual state that Shutdown-Printer
leaves the printer in.
18. Section 6.1.5: Indicated that if Restart-Printer is supported, then
Shutdown-Printer MUST be supported.
19. Section 6.1.6: Deleted Space-Printer operation. Keep
Space-Current-Job operation only which has a "job-id" operation attribute
that a client MAY supply.
20. Section 6.1.6: Clarified that Shutdown-Printer is for a long period
of time, not just to reset the device or change attribute values. Also that
Shutdown performs an immediate Disable-Printer and an eventual
21. Sections 6.2.3, 6.2.4, and 6.2.7 : Added a "job-id" operation
attribute to Cancel-Current-Job, Pause-Current-Job, and Space-Current-Job
that a client MAY supply to check for race condition where current job
22. Section 6.2.4: Combined Pause-Job into Pause-Current-Job operation.
23. Sections 6.2.4 and 6.2.5: Pause-Current-Job puts job in
'processing-stopped' state, not 'pending-held' state.
24. Section 6.2.6: Simplified Promote-Job, so that it behaves as if the
job were put at the front of the queue.