IPP Mail Archive: IPP> "Set-2" requirements

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> "Set-2" requirements

IPP> "Set-2" requirements

Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:20:14 -0600

I don't like the topic "admin" I think it's misleading. This is colloquially how
we've referred to it. I'd like to start using "Set-2" instead.

I also don't really think a new requirements or justification is necessary
(w.r.t. Carl's proposal) after reviewing the existing design goals.

However, at the last PWG meeting I said I would write some justification related
to the proposal. I'm not sure I hit the mark but I've made an attempt.
Hopefully, we can use this document for discussion at the conference call
tomorrow and make some progress on acceptance of the proposed Set-2 extensions.

Harry Lewis
IBM Printing Systems