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Computer OEM Online Newsletter
Volume 2 Issue 46
Wednesday, September 08, 1999

Computer OEM Online's System Strategy case study series continues. Frank Carau,
R&D Lab Manager at Hewlett-Packard's Portable Capture and Communications
facility, describes how code coverage and regression test analyses tools helped
his team speed a 500-000-gate ASIC to successful first-pass completion. Read
about it at http://www2.computeroemonline.com/read/nl19990907/10080.

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****** FEATURED ARTICLES selected by Alex Mendelsohn ******

1) Digital Car Stereo DSP Chip Samples
2) Multiple Instruction-Set Technology Takes A Bow
3) Analog Devices Implements Intel Mobile Power Management


1) Digital Car Stereo DSP Chip Samples
IC house STMicroelectronics starts sampling a 3 V mixed-signal DSP-based
baseband processor chip for all-digital car stereos. ST's programmable approach
lets you add features simply by changing firmware. Try that with your
conventional analog car stereo!


2) Multiple Instruction-Set Technology Takes A Bow
As part of the Navy's Dual Use Science & Technology program sponsored by the
Office of Naval Research, CPU Technology, Inc. is developing a core processing
architecture it says will make possible upgraded high-end embedded systems. CPU
Tech will supply a system-on-a-chip that will work/run both legacy processors
and software without changes, and new higher-order languages and commercial off-
the-shelf software tools.


3) Analog Devices Implements Intel Mobile Power Management
Chip makers Analog Devices releases the industry's first DC-to-DC converter to
incorporate Intel's Mobile Voltage Positioning technology.


******** EDITOR'S CHOICE PRODUCTS ********

1) ZIF BGA Sockets
2) Display Driver ICs
3) LVT Logic


1) ZIF BGA Sockets
Zero insertion force BGA sockets permit repeated tool-free removal and
insertion of ball-grid-array-packaged microprocessors.


2) Display Driver ICs
Type CS1084, '85, and '86 driver ICs contain the circuitry needed to interface
between a system microprocessor and automotive Vacuum Fluorescent Display


3) LVT Logic
Designed for 3.3 V applications, logic line includes the 74LVTH273 octal D-type
flip-flop with Clear, the 74LVT373/74LVTH373 octal transparent latch with three-
state outputs, and the 74LVT374/74LVTH374 octal D-type with three-state
outputs. Available with and without Bus-hold, the high speed (less than 4.5
nanosecond) ICs can be used for off-board driving applications such as
backplanes, memory arrays, telecom switches, and in networking applications.
Bus-hold maintains a valid logic state on an unloaded input, eliminating the
need for external pull-up or pull-down resistors to prevent floating inputs.


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