IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> MOD> printer-state-reasons

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> MOD> printer-state-reasons

Re: IPP> MOD> printer-state-reasons

Ira Mcdonald (imcdonal@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Fri, 17 Sep 1999 10:51:48 -0400

Hi Carl and Tom, Friday (17 September 1999)

This suffix nonsense on 'printer-state-reasons' keywords was a mistake.
And the MUST interpretation of 'error' when a suffix is not present is
EXACTLY wrong. There are important printer state reasons that do NOT
indicate warning or error events - sub-states like 'moving-to-paused',
'paused', 'shutdown', 'connecting-to-device'.

And as Carl observed (below) 'none-error' is obviously broken.

It's never an error for a printer to be 'paused'. It's a neutral report
of a condition. No program error or resource problem has occurred. The
printer is in a sub-state at the request of an authorized human user or

MOD should be corrected to say that a missing suffix SHALL mean that
the specified state reason is of '-report' severity (or better yet,
abandon suffixes entirely, but prior art won't really let us do that).

- Ira McDonald
High North Inc

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> From: kugler@us.ibm.com
> To: ipp@pwg.org
> Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 14:00:13 -0600
> Subject: IPP> MOD> printer-state-reasons
> MOD says:
> Each keyword value MAY have a suffix to indicate its level of severity.
> The three levels are: report (least severe), warning, and error (most
> severe).
> ...
> - '-error': This suffix indicates that the reason is an "error". An
> implementation MUST include all errors. If this attribute contains
> one or more errors, printer MUST be in the stopped state.
> If the implementation does not add any one of the three suffixes, all
> parties MUST assume that the reason is an "error".
> Does this mean to say that the REQUIRED "printer-state-reasons" attribute
> value must always have a -report or -warning suffix unless the printer is
> in the 'stopped' state? For example, if the printer is idle, MUST I
> have "printer-state" = 'idle' and "printer-state-reasons" = 'none-report'?
> (Can't have "printer-state-reasons" = 'none' since that would be
> semantically equivalent to "printer-state-reasons" = 'none-error' which
> implies that the printer MUST be in the stopped state, not the idle state.)
> - Carl
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