IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - IPP Server MIB - 19 Sept 1999

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - IPP Server MIB - 19 Sept 1999

IPP> NOT - IPP Server MIB - 19 Sept 1999

Ira Mcdonald (imcdonal@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 08:14:51 -0400

Hi folks, Sunday (19 September 1999)

[For consideration this week at the PWG monthly face-to-face meeting -
now aligned with IPP Notifications Alternative of 10 September 1999]

Here's an Internet-Draft style revised and renamed IPP Server MIB - for
managing IPP Printers (spoolers, gateways, printers, etc.). This MIB
defines an IPP Notifications mapping over UDP/SNMP (any SNMP version).
I've just posted it on the PWG server (but not sent it to I-D editor):

- Full I-D text w/ all boilerplate (39 pages w/ Table of Contents)

- Compilable ASN.1 in SMIv2 (1341 lines w/ conformance macros)

[No '.pdf' available]
- Source file is text with markups for my tool 'DocuForm'.

Because the Printer group contains five counters (connections, requests,
errors, warnings, notifications) as well as the printer name, state, and
state reasons, this MIB supports basic IPP Printer network management.

- Ira McDonald
High North Inc
906-494-2697 (home)
906-494-2434 (work)


Group/Conformance Description
----------------- ----------------------------------------------------
Printer - 11 columnar objects (including 5 counters)
(Mandatory) (language, name, state, state reasons)

Printer URI - 3 columnar objects (URI, authentication, security)
(Mandatory) ('printer-uri-supported', etc., in flat tables)

Event - 24 leaf objects
(Cond Mandatory) (printer index, trigger event, state, counters)

Printer Basic Event - 1 notification (printer-basic-event)
(Cond Mandatory) (all printer-level trigger events)

Job Basic Event - 1 notification (job-basic-event)
(Cond Mandatory) (job-created, job-config-changed)

Job Status Event - 1 notification (job-status-event w/ counters)
(Cond Mandatory) (job-completed, job-state-changed, job-purged)

Job Progress Event - 1 notification (job-progress-event w/ counters)
(Cond Mandatory) (job-progress)


The IPP Server MIB is written in SMIv2 (RFC 2578, April 1999) and it
compiles warning free with Epilogue Emissary 7.0 and SMICng v2.2 and
translates cleanly (from SMIv2 syntax to SMIv1, with a conversion tool
I've written called 'smi2down'). Conformance requirements are defined

The IPP Server MIB conforms to the 'Draft Standard' SNMPv3 MIBs (RFC
2571-2575) and conveys all text in the 'UTF-8' charset (ISO 10646 /
Unicode in a stream encoding that is file-system and legacy programming
language safe) via the textual convention 'SnmpAdminString' (imported
from the SNMP Framework MIB, RFC 2571), since all IPP clients and
printers MUST support 'UTF-8'. Thus 'attributes-charset' is not needed.

The IPP Server MIB supports fast IPP Printer discovery via SNMP (simply
broadcast an SNMP GetNext for 'ippPrinterName' to find all supporting
systems). Note this does NOT scale well to an enterprise level.