IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IIG - Diff with IPP/1.0 Implementer's Guide posted

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IIG - Diff with IPP/1.0 Implementer's Guide posted

IPP> IIG - Diff with IPP/1.0 Implementer's Guide posted

Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 15:03:16 -0700

I've just posted an MS-WORD diff of the IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1 Implementer's
Guide. This mail message lists the differences, which may help the review of
the IPP/1.1 document at the meeting.


In addition to changing the ordering and numbering of the IIG sections to
agree with the corresponding section in the Model and Semantics document,
the following IPP/1.0 sections have been added or changed to make the
IPP/1.1 IIG. This list of changed or added sections may help the review at
the meeting.

Sections added or changed:

1.3 Issues Raised from Interoperability Bake Offs [new]
2 IPP Objects [new]
Table 4 Summary of operation attributes [has the new IPP/1.1 operations
added] Suggested Operation Processing Steps for all Operations [has roadmap
Table 6 - Examples of validating IPP version [added]
Operation Requests [added the new IPP/1.1 operations] Suggested Additional Processing Steps for Operations that
Create/Validate Jobs and Add Documents 895 [roadmap added] Decide whether to REJECT the request [added more conditions]
3.1.4 Status codes returned by operation (Issue 1.50) [added new IPP/1.1
operations] Why is there a "limit" attribute in the Get-Jobs operation? [new
3.2.4 Create-Job operation [new section]
4.3 Job Description Attributes [new section]
4.4.2 printer-current-time (dateTime) [new section]
4.4.3 Printer-uri-supported [new section]
6 Encoding and Transport [added material]
7 References [fixed references]

Here is the Change History:
Changes from 990422 to 990726:
1. Encoding and Transport: Address issues 4, 5, 20 from
2. Decide whether to accept or reject the request: discuss issues 6,
9, 10
3. Get-Printer-Attributes: add notes about printer-make-and-model and
.INF files; issue 7
4. Create-Job: clarify job-incoming vs. data-insufficient; issue 13
5. Get-Printer Attributes: polling -- issue 16
6. Job Description Attributes: ways to get time; issue 17
7. Validate the values of the Job Template Attributes: clarify
zero-length keywords; issue 22
8. Validate Optional Operation Attributes: Note about checking for
compression in IPP/1.0; issue 28
9. Validate version number: advantages to backward compatibility;
issue 33
10. Note: examples for issue 2 seem to be covered sufficiently in the
new MOD doc.

Changes from 990726 to 990914:
1. Added IPP/1.1 operations and attributes to table 1.
2. Validate version: Added text and table from issue 32
3. Printer-uri-supported: Added section 4.4.3
4. Added IPP/1.1 operations to section
5. Added answer to question "Should the server wait for the
"last-document" operation attribute set to 'true' before starting to
"process" the job?" in section 3.2.4
6. Changed 'server-error-uri-scheme-not-supported' to
'client-error-uri-scheme-not-supported' in section when talking
about the 'document-uri' attribute.
7. Added 'Suggested Operation Processing Steps' and 'Suggested
Additional Processing Steps for Operations that Create/Validate Jobs and Add
Document' flow-chart overview.