IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Filter on 'printer-state-changed' notification

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Filter on 'printer-state-changed' notification

IPP> Filter on 'printer-state-changed' notification

Wed, 29 Sep 1999 15:01:37 +0200

Today we don't have the possibility to set a filter on the
'printer-state-changed' event. It would be nice
to have such a feature. Thinking of the scenario where one operator wants E-mail
notifications when a
printer wants toner, and another operator wants a notifications when the printer
needs paper. Today
both operators will get E-mails telling that the printer wants toner or paper.
It could be done by two new subscription attributes 'notify-printer-state'
(1setOf type1 enum) and
'notify-printer-state-reasons' (1setOf typ2 keyword). So if the 'printer-state'
or 'printer-state-reasons'
changes to one of the specified states in the 'notify-printer-state' and
attributes, send by the IPP client in the 'create-subscription' operation, only
then will the IPP printer
send an 'printer-state-changed' notification event.

What do you think?

Henrik Holst