IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Notification methods

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> Notification methods

Re: IPP> Notification methods

Hugo Parra (HPARRA@novell.com)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:14:52 -0600

Hi Henrik,

Thanks for reviewing the HTTP notification proposal. I considered =
specifying a raw TCP notification proposal as well. Taking a closer look =
at what it would entail writing a specialized HTTP server stack to receive =
IPP notification, I realized that it wouldn't be much more difficult than =
writing the same piece on straight TCP. The difference is that by using =
HTTP as a foundation we get to use predefined mechanisms for managing the =
communication channel and leave ourselves room to easily incorporate =
future enhancement, such as security.

However, if we decide to document a mapping of the Send-Notification =
operation (Report-IPP-Notification in the initial proposal) onto TCP/UDP, =
I'm game. The document that describes the mapping to HTTP would be a one =
pager (notice that this mapping in my proposal is basically a wash; it's =
pretty much a reference to the HTTP RFC.) =20

I'm planning to post a revision of the proposal after I work in some of =
the discussion we had in Denver and the comments made by Tom H. I'll try =
to have it out before the next IPP telephone conference.


>>> <henrik.holst@i-data.com> 09/30/99 04:31AM >>>
I liked the ideas in Hugo's HTTP notification proposal. I have been =
thinking of
doing a TCP/UDP notification proposal, but I think they may be very =
similar. So
maybe we should do one common document describing the 'Report-IPP-Notificat=
operation and new attributes and then two documents describing the mapping
to HTTP and TCP/UDP.

Henrik Holst