IPP Mail Archive: IPP> A couple of more issues

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> A couple of more issues

IPP> A couple of more issues

Sandeep Kamath (sandeep@teil.soft.net)
Thu, 11 Nov 1999 19:48:17 +0530

Hi all ,

First let me thank the group( esspecially Peter Zehler) for answering my
prevoius query with respect to restart job

I have two more doubts
issue a) assume a user sends a Create-Job request and is successful .
Without performing a send URI/Doc operation he issues a last-doc without
any document data( so the IPP server would have a job that is created without
any data) . what should be the response of the IPP server to this last-doc
. Will a client-error-not-possible (0x0404) status-code suffice.

issue b) assume a printer is paused( as a result of which the printer
status is set to 'stopped' ) and has jobs queued under it . A user
issues a Purge-Jobs request and is successful . Now should the printer
status be changed to 'idle' or does 'stopped' override 'idle'.

Sandeep Kamath
Software Engineer - Design & Development

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