IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - Revised 'IPP Notifications over SNMP' I-D posted [.pdf post

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - Revised 'IPP Notifications over SNMP' I-D posted [.pdf post

IPP> NOT - Revised 'IPP Notifications over SNMP' I-D posted [.pdf post

Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 11:38:59 -0800

I've posted the .pdf version of the I-D as requested (with line numbers



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Could you create a PDF version of this document? When printed using a
all the page breaks are messed up making it very hard to read.


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Hi folks, Monday (6 December 1999)

URLs for our revised 'IPP Notifications over SNMP' (1 Dec 1999):




This document supports full-fidelity IPP notifications over SNMP
(any version of SNMP) by defining new printer and job traps for
the existing PWG Job Monitoring MIB (RFC 2707, November 1999).

- Ira McDonald (High North Inc, consultant at Sharp Labs America)
Tom Hastings (Xerox Corporation)

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From: Manros, Carl-Uno B [mailto:cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 1999 4:25 PM
Subject: IPP> ADM - IPP Phone Conference December 8, 1999

IPP Phone Conference - 991103

We will hold our next IPP phone conference on Wednesday, December 8.

We will discuss the following subjects:

- Latest input on the Set 2 and Set 3 Optional Operations

- Latest input on the IPP Notifications

- Nail the Agenda for the IPP meeting in LA next week
A number of people registered late, but it looks like
we will have some 20 people attending the IPP meeting.

Here is the dial-in information:

Time: December 8, 1999 10:00 - 12:00 PST (1:00 - 3:00 EST)
Phone: 1-888-749-8496 (8*534-8273 for Xerox folks)
Passcode: 86037#


Carl-Uno Manros
Principal Engineer - Xerox Architecture Center - Xerox Corporation
701 S. Aviation Blvd., El Segundo, CA, M/S: ESAE-231
Phone +1-310-333 8273, Fax +1-310-333 5514
Email: manros@cp10.es.xerox.com

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From: McDonald, Ira [mailto:imcdonald@sharplabs.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 1999 18:43
To: 'ipp@pwg.org'; 'jmp@pwg.org'
Cc: McDonald, Ira
Subject: IPP> NOT - Revised 'IPP Notifications over SNMP' I-D posted

Copies: IPP WG <ipp@pwg.org>
JMP WG <jmp@pwg.org>

Hi folks, Wednesday (1 December 1999)

I've just sent an updated version of 'IPP Notifications over SNMP' to
the Internet-Drafts editor and posted a shadow copy on the PWG server:


I'd like to add this to our IPP WG Telecon agenda for next Wednesday
(8 December) at 10-12 PST / 1-3 EST.

All changes were agreed to when we last discussed this document at
the IPP WG Telecon on Wednesday (3 November 1999) - see change log

- Ira McDonald
High North Inc

[PS - Windows utilities ate the formfeeds at the top of second and
subsequent pages when I mailed the document to Cynthia Clark (I-D
Editor) just now as a text body. *However* the above pointer to
the PWG FTP server copy contains the correct text, including
formfeeds (and I did a rename to make sure the filename case was
correct). In the immediate future, I'll get a Linux or Solaris
user and email account here at Sharp Labs so that this help (???)
from Windows tools and MS Exchange mail servers no longer happens.
Stay tuned...]


Changes in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

<draft-ietf-ipp-not-over-snmp-01.txt> - 1 December 1999
1) Deleted 'JmTriggerEventTC' textual convention (see below).
2) Revised SYNTAX of 'jmEventTriggerEvent' object from
'JmTriggerEventTC' (enumeration) to 'JmUTF8StringTC' (string), to
support use of IPP standard keywords.
3) Added 'jmEventPrinterState', 'jmEventPrinterStateReasons', and
'jmEventPrinterIsAcceptingJobs' objects for consistency w/
[IPP-NOT] and to reduce ambiguity about printer states inherent
in RFC 1759.
4) Revised DESCRIPTION of 'jmPrinterEventV2Event' notification to
add SHOULD (recommendation) for 'jmEventPrinterState',
'jmEventPrinterStateReasons', and 'jmEventPrinterIsAcceptingJobs'
5) Revised 'SNMP Mapping for IPP Printer Events' section to add
direct mapping of IPP notification attributes to
'jmEventPrinterState', 'jmEventPrinterStateReasons', and
'jmEventPrinterIsAcceptingJobs' objects.
6) Revised 'Rules for Encoding Notifications' section to add
'jmEventPrinterState' and 'jmEventPrinterStateReasons'.
7) Revised 'IANA Considerations' section to specify there are none -
no enumerated or keyword textual conventions are now defined in
this document.
8) Revised 'Internationalization Considerations' section to specify
that US English keywords are used in 'jmEventTriggerEvent',
'jmEventPrinterState', and 'jmEventPrinterStateReasons' objects
and thus no explicit natural language tagging is required.

<draft-ietf-ipp-not-over-snmp-00.txt> - 10 October 1999
1) Initial version.
Copies: "Internet Drafts Editor" <internet-drafts@ietf.org>
"Tom Hastings" <hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com>
"Ira McDonald" <imcdonald@sharplabs.com>

I-D Editor, Wednesday (1 December 1999)


Please place this document in the Internet-Drafts repository as:

<draft-ietf-ipp-not-over-snmp-01.txt> (December 1999)

It replaces the previous:

<draft-ietf-ipp-not-over-snmp-00.txt> (October 1999)

Thanks very much,
- Ira McDonald (IPP WG member)
High North Inc