IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Event Time Job Description Attributes

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Event Time Job Description Attributes

IPP> Event Time Job Description Attributes - NO_VAL

From: Buzzelli, Mark (Mark.Buzzelli@usa.xerox.com)
Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 14:53:43 EST

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    In trying to interpret the latest IPP v1.1 Model and Semantics draft on
    Event Time Job Description Attributes, the required "time-at" attributes and
    "date-time-at" attributes all have the possible state of not occuring for a
    given moment of time. In section 4.3.14, it is stated for this situation the
    IPP object MUST return the 'no-value' out-of-band value and to refer to the
    beginning of Section 4.1. In section 4.1 it states that the VALUE of an
    attribute in a response MAY be 'no-value'. Refering to the latest IPP v1.1
    Encoding and Transport draft, the syntax tag should be 0x13 and the no-value
    value should be used for the supported attribute.

    Does this mean that the encoding should be the no-value syntax, followed by
    the length of the attribute, followed by the attribute keyword, followed by
    the value length of the keyword 'no-val', finally followed by the value
    'no-val'? I also have another interpretation, which is similiar to the
    unsupported attribute handling, of no-value syntax, length, attribute, value
    length of 2 octets and then a value of 0x00. The drafts are not very clear
    on the encoding unless I am looking in the wrong sections.

    GMO / OSG / CO&PS / Internet Services

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