IPP Mail Archive: IPP> OPS - Updated IPP Job and Printer Set

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> OPS - Updated IPP Job and Printer Set

IPP> OPS - Updated IPP Job and Printer Set Operations - including -01 I-D .txt files

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 03:11:32 EST

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    I've updated the "Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): The Job and Printer Set
    Operations" with the final issue resolutions discussed today on the IPP
    telecon and mailing list:


    I shortened the Abstract:

    This document specifies 3 additional OPTIONAL operations for use with the
    Internet Printing Protocol/1.0 (IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566], IPP/1.1 [ipp-mod,
    ipp-pro], and future versions. The end user, operator, and administrator
    Set-Job-Attributes and Set-Printer-Attributes operations are used to modify
    IPP Job objects and Printer objects, respectively. The third
    Get-Printer-Supported-Values operation returns values that the IPP Printer
    will accept for setting its "xxx-supported" attributes.
    Three out-of-band values are defined for use with these operations:
    'delete-attribute', 'any-value', and 'not-settable', along with a
    'client-error-attributes-not-settable' status code.
    Two operation attributes: "printer-message-from-operator" (text) and
    "job-message-from-operator" (text) are defined to set the corresponding
    IPP/1.1 Printer and Job Description attributes with the same names.
    Six Printer Description attributes are defined:
                    printer-settable-attributes-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)
                    job-settable-attributes-supported (1setOf type2 keyword)
                    document-format-varying-attributes (1setOf type2 keyword)
                    printer-message-time (integer(MIN:MAX))
                    printer-message-date-time (dateTime)
                    printer-xri-supported (1setOf collection)

    Here are the changes:

    15.1 Changes to the March 1, 2000 version to make the March 8, 2000
    The following changes have been made to the March 1, 2000 version to make
    the March 8, 2000 version as a result of the IPP WG telecons and mailing
    list discussion:
    1. Added the "printer-xri-supported" (1setOf collection) attribute so
    that the three parallel IPP/1.1 "printer-uri-supported",
    "uri-authentication-supported", and "uri-security-supported" attributes
    could be set as one atomic attribute. Consequently, changed the three
    parallel attributes to be READ-ONLY and removed the requirement that three
    attributes MUST be set in a single request if the three parallel IPP/1.1
    "printer-uri-supported", "uri-authentication-supported", and
    "uri-security-supported" were settable.
    2. Clarified Get-Printer-Supported-Values so that if an implementation
    does not support setting a settable attribute, it MUST NOT return the
    attribute in the Printer Attribute group and it NEED NOT return the
    attribute in the Unsupported Attributes group, same as in a
    Get-Printer-Attributes response for unsupported attributes. Same
    clarification when unsupported attributes are requested.
    3. Fixed "printer-message-date-time" (dateTime) attribute to be
    4. Added note as to why the "printer-current-time" Printer Description
    attribute is settable (to fix an incorrect time or time zone).
    5. Added "xri-authentication-supported" (1setOf type2 keyword) and
    "xri-security-supported" (1setOf type2 keyword) attributes to the table of
    attributes that can be queried with Get-Printer-Supported-Values. Added a
    note that these two attributes are NOT queriable with
    Get-Printer-Attributes, since the client queries either (1) the three
    "printer-uri-supported" (1setOf uri), "uri-authentication-supported" (1setOf
    type2 keyword), "uri-security-supported" (1setOf type2 keyword) attributes,
    or (2) the single "printer-xri-supported" (1setOf collection) attribute.
    Please send any comments to the mailing list.

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