IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Short report from IPP WG Meeting

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Short report from IPP WG Meeting

IPP> Short report from IPP WG Meeting

From: Manros, Carl-Uno B (cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed Mar 29 2000 - 18:44:39 EST

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    The IETF 47 IPP WG meeting was attended by 30 people. We held a quick
    walkthrough of all the latest Internet-Drafts, and then concentrated the
    discussion about some open questions related to IPP notifications. There are
    currently 4 proposals for delivery of notifications. There was some
    preference expressed for using the ipp-poll method, which is a direct
    extension to the current IPP protocol, as the primary delivery method. There
    was also some discussion about the proposed LDAP schema for printers.
    Although the semantics in that document seem be agreed we can expect some
    pushback from the LDAP community on some of the encoding choices and a
    request to have the Sun specifics removed. The IPP chair will continue the
    negotiation with the new AAD about an updated/new charter for the remaining
    IPP work.

    Carl-Uno Manros
    Chair of IETF IPP WG

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