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Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 20:04:55 EDT

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    Visit VisionShape at Booth #2343 AIIM 2000 For Three Great Chances to Win!
    From VisionShape and Team Image:

    Stop by and Win a Digital Camera! a copy of Autoscan 32! or a copy of Tiffsurfer!
    see details below.

    Team Image provides its readers with news on scanning, imaging,  document management, and internet developments from Visionshape, its partners, resellers, end users and other industry resources. 

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    In This Issue:

    1.) Visionshape at booth #2343 AIIM 2000
    2.) Editorial by Dan Borrey, Vice President of VisionShape
    3.) Freedom from Rescanning is now yours!
    4.) No Manual Adjustments or ReScanning Needed Ever! None, Zero, Zilch, Nyet, Nada
    5.) Look Ma!  NO BOARD
    6.) Government and State Agencies have a mandate to use PDF
    7.) AutoScan PDF Writer increases productivity by over 50%
    8.) VisionTools OCX/ActiveX component for PDF
    9.) AutoScan creates Hyper documents
    10.) TiffSurfer 2000 - Free OCR
    11.) Time for gray scale barcodes
    12.) Belgian Investment Firm invests in VisionShape Europe
    13.)Distributed Scanning in the UK
    14.) VisionShape selected by Let's Go Shopping
    15.) The Inside Story
    16.) Win a Digital Camera
    17.) Receive FREE copy of TiffSurfer
    VisionShape at Booth #2343 AIIM 2000

    With Best of AIIM awards in 1997 and 1999 for scanners and again in 1998 for TiffSurfer, you will want to be certain to visit booth # 2343 at the upcoming AIIM show to check out the new products from VisionShape. Highlights of VisionShape's new products include USB scanning, Scanning 2Web, Tiffsurfer with Free OCR, and the new No Rescan Millennium scanners.

    For additional details and registration information for AIIM 2000, click here:

    This is a new millennium and every person who gets a chance to speak or write is making predictions about the future. Now it is my turn to talk about the future of the document imaging industry.

    The Internet is the name of the game. We are either part of the Internet scenario or we are not. Web browsers are simply taking over the desktop and I prophesize that within 3 years, you will never leave your browser. All imaging functions are going to be right there, made available by this great concept called the plugin. If you need a function, you can call a plugin. If you are already in a plugin and need something else, it is possible to start the function right there, to call it from the plugin, hence directly from the browser. Scanning, viewing, printing, form processing, data entry, storage, transmission, sharing, meeting and changing documents will occur on the Internet.

    But what about production systems, batch capture, volume data entry and forms processing? It is the same: all of it will be Net-enabled! Off shore data entry, I am betting, will be Web based soon. Batch Scanning, check scanning and forms processing in all its forms will be possible from the browser. With the new AutoScan Scanning2Web options, you can now scan, create indexed html and directly post documents to your server. TiffSurfer, our image viewer, now features scanning, ocr, pdf and html creation, and soon will open to many data management functions.

    Watch, we will soon have  .com at the end of our name.

    Daniel Borrey
    Vice President, VisionShape, Inc.
    Freedom from Rescanning is now yours!

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your unreadable pages, yearning to be seen
    The wretched refuse of your other scanners
    Send these, the useless, to VisionShape
    We will scan them so you will never have to scan them again.

    Millennium NoReScan Scanners
    AIIM New York April 10 - 12, 2000
    Booth #2343

    Bring your worst, most unreadable document that will physically go through the scanner to our booth #2343 at the AIIM show. If we fail to scan it without touching the scanner settings, you will win a copy of AutoScan 32!
    No Manual Adjustments or ReScanning Needed Ever!

    None, Zero, Zilch, Nyet, Nada

    Visionshape Announces Automatic Quality Control

    PERFECT Quality Images Guaranteed
    NO manual adjustment or rescan needed
    Productivity Improves Again

    There is nothing virtual about our technology. It is the real thing. For the last two years our industry subsidized a board manufacturer, thinking they would reduce their scanning cost and improve quality control by adding a renamed old fashion image co-processor to their application. The reality is simple: the virtual technology of rescanning is virtual, not real. It does not achieve any productivity improvements since the scanner must be stopped to process the images stored in the buffer. It is a plot to make you buy boards with CPUs older than the 200 Mhz PC that your eight-year-old nephew refused to accept for Christmas.

    NoRescan is another story. It is the real thing. We analyze the image in real time in the scanner, decide dynamically the best level of thresholding, and save the best black and white image with a couple of other possible best images. Now you have it all, the best choice of the scanner and the cleanest (best for OCR) or the most sensitive image (best for archival). If you ever need to go back to an image, it is there, contained in the same Multi-tiff image. You never have to rescan a document. Ever.

    NRS is a true NoReScan. No more rescans, no expensive hardware in the PC and no requirement to store thousands of large gray scale images in case one of them is poorly contrasted. Since this intelligent process is in addition to the existing high performance VisionACE image processing, which performs dynamic contrast enhancement and edge sharpening, the VisionShape Millennium scanners provide the best image on the market without any manual rescanning. These are the types of innovations that earned VisionShape's Millennium scanners the Best of AIIM in 1999.
    Look Ma!  NO BOARD

    USB (Universal Serial Bus) is making its grand debut as a less expensive and preferred method for connecting high-speed scanners. Scanners are traditionally connected to PCs using video interface cards such as Kofax. More recently, high-speed scanners have offered the standard SCSI interface. But with USB, there is NO MORE INTERFACE BOARD. The scanner cable connects directly into the USB port that is now available in most high end PCs and MAC computers.

    VisionShape has a history of innovation in scanner technology.  We were:

    1st to put double-feed detection on our scanners
    1st to put a programmable endorser on a mid range scanner
    1st to offer a USB interface on a high speed page scanner
    1st to eliminate expensive rescanning ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Government and State Agencies have a mandate to use PDF

    Adobe PDF files are now the preferred format for storage and retrieval of government documents. There are two ways to convert paper documents into PDF. One is to make PDF Image only files, which effectively puts a wrapper around a TIF image, but also excludes textual search ability. The second and more common method is to create a PDF Image plus Text file with Acrobat Capture from Adobe. Now with VisionShape's AutoScan PDF Writer you can create PDF Image only files and Image plus Text files at significantly higher speed and lower cost than with Adobe Capture.
    AutoScan PDF Writer increases productivity by over 50%

    AutoScan 32 now allows automatic creation of PDF images with searchable text at significantly faster rates than Adobe Capture AND without requiring a per page charge.
    AutoScan Testimonial:

    From an operations point of view, AutoScan32 has features we have not found in any other software package including the ability to simulate duplex mode scanning that actually works. AutoScan32's simulated duplex mode allows you to scan mixed simplex and duplex documents in the same batch with just a keystroke. Unbelievable productivity gains come from this feature alone.
    But the real icing on the cake for us is PDF conversion directly from the scanner.  PDFs of Image only or Image with Text are created on the fly together with the multi-page tiff creation. This cuts processing time down immensely, greatly increasing productivity, and decreasing cost per page. We went from 300 boxes (3,000 docs per box or 900,000 pages) in a month for a client using Adobe, to 500 boxes (1,500,000) in the same time frame using AS/32 with PDF (image and text). This represents a 66% productivity increase over Adobe's Acrobat Capture 2.0.
    Mike Kelso – Vice President Technology
    ImageDox Corporation
    VisionTools OCX/ActiveX component for PDF
    VisionTools PDF Writer is an OCX/ActiveX component that allows users to simply create PDF capture capability within applications. By adding both the OCR Module and the PDF Module VisionTools users can add PDF creation to their current applications. By combining PDF and OCR with Visiontools other powerful OCX components users can create their own complete scanning to PDF systems from scratch.
    AutoScan creates Hyper documents

    AutoScan features a unique image to HTML conversion that creates a structured and searchable file on both Intranet and Internet servers. The scanned batch file defines customizable HTML structure and links that can include text OCRed from the image, barcode recognition results, MICR line information and other indexing information and with TiffSurfer you can embed the scanned images into the html. Autoscan also creates the search mechanism so that batch files and image pointer files are searchable.
    TiffSurfer 2000 - Free OCR

    TiffSurfer 2000 takes over your desktop

    As document imaging moves toward the Internet, TiffSurfer Image Viewer expands its functionalities.  TiffSurfer image viewer is becoming the de facto standard for Internet and Intranet imaging applications. TiffSurfer can now be customized to any application from a basic viewer to a powerful image workflow.

    For example, Network managers can decide if their viewers should simply view images or be able to save them as well. Any function in TiffSurfer can be activated either by the installation program or embedded tags. TiffSurfer@OCR is no longer an option. It is free with every full copy of Tiffsurfer for $49.95. Tiffsurfer@OCR allows conversion of images to text or html.

    Experience documents on the WEB with TiffSurfer 2000

    The new TiffSurfer will allow scanning directly in the browser using Twain and ISIS scanners. Scanned images, as well as images downloaded from the Internet can be immediately converted to text files. The text is made part of the image, and TiffSurfer images then become searchable. A simple query screen allows entire directories to be searched for image content.

    Image Hyperlinks connecting your documents to the world
    Using hyperlinks, TiffSurfer connects documents and resources throughout the World Wide Web. Hyperlinks are highlighted on a page and hence are "hot." For example, a table of contents may be linked to the various chapters of the same (or different) document for easy navigation.
    Time for gray scale barcodes

    While resolving a seemingly impossible barcode recognition problem, our engineers made a major discovery. If you read gray scale images, you can increase the number of characters recognized per barcode inch by a whopping 50%. With black and white images at 200 dpi, you can barely recognize 5 characters per barcode horizontal inch. But trying to read UCC barcodes with 10 cpi at 200 dpi, VisionShape's engineers discovered that they get perfect reads by using gray scale images.

    Any application, let us know.
    Belgian Investment Firm invests in VisionShape Europe

    VisionShape Europe recently announced it finalized an agreement with Nivelles Invest, a Belgian technology investor to invest $350,000 in the European subsidiary of VisionShape. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Distributed Scanning in the UK

    The British company Legal Technologies Ltd offers electronic based litigation support services to law firms, corporations and government departments. “Our services are solely dictated by our customer's requirements,” said Kelvin McGregor, Director of Strategic Development at Legal Technologies Limited “We scan and code the clients' documents and give them back CDs that are accessible by whichever image enabled database they use, giving them the ability to search for and retrieve information within a few seconds that previously could have taken days to locate.”

    Legal Technologies is using VisionShape's the new AutoScan 32. According to John Hudson, Legal Technologies' Imaging Manager: "We inherited AutoScan from our US parent company as part of our original environment. We have constantly reviewed various products but AutoScan has all the relevant functions for our production environment, where projects involve millions of pages. AutoScan's automatic indexing is also extremely easy to use.” As the demand for their services increases, so does their need for scanners to process the increased workloads. Legal Technologies recently purchased an additional twenty scanners and twenty additional AutoScan seats.
    VisionShape selected by Let's Go Shopping to provide a coupon processing system called CTM (Coupon Transaction Machine).

    Remember the barcoded retail coupons that you bring to the supermarket to get a 50 cent discount? Remember the different shape, color and thickness. Let's Go Shopping is planning to equip supermarkets and retail stores with coupon scanning devices to accelerate and reduce the cost of coupon clearance. Let's Go Shopping has selected VisionShape to develop a coupon scanner with 4 sort pockets and a shredder to be deployed  in numerous retail stores and supermarkets nationwide.
    The Inside Story

    We are pleased to announce the expansion of our Software Support Department with the arrival of Joel Wiessman. Joel will be in charge of AutoScan technical support. He may be contacted at Joel@visionshape.com or (800) 962-3585, ext.114.

    VisionShape opens Chicago office for Midwestern Region. Bill Moldovan, a former VisionShape reseller and service bureau owner, came on board to become Regional Sales manager for VisionShape. Welcome Bill.

    Warren D'Avirro has been appointed US and Canada Sales Manager. Warren was formerly Western Region Manager for VisionShape. Congratulations! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Win a Digital Camera

    Drop one of your business cards into our bowl at the AIIM show and be automatically entered into our Digital Camera giveaway!

    For complete information, click here:
    Receive FREE copy of TiffSurfer

    This is a contest that anyone can win! All you have to do is fill out the short form you will find at the link below and print the coupon from the web page. Bring this coupon to our booth #2343 at the AIIM show in New York and we will give you a FREE copy of Tiffsurfer.

    To fill out the form and receive a coupon, click here:
    http://www.visionshape.com/aiimcoupon.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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