IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> TES:Bake-Off 3 straw ping

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> TES:Bake-Off 3 straw ping

Re: IPP> TES:Bake-Off 3 straw ping

From: ueda shigeru (ueda@pure.cpdc.canon.co.jp)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 22:32:19 EDT

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    Hello Peter-san and all

    This is Shigeru Ueda of Canon.

    I have a question regarding the third IPP-Bake off plan.

    As far as I remember,when you explained regarding the third IPP-Bake off
    plan in this October at the PWG New York meeting on May,you have not
    mentioned about testing "Set Operations"

    Is that mean that testing "Set Operations" was removed at the third
    IPP-Bake off test plan?

    Currently Canon is preparing resources to attend the next bake-off,and
    it is the big issue whether or not "Set Operations" is tested or not.
    (Although I think it should be tested in any way if it is going to be
    included in the IPP specification)

    Best Regards.

    Shigeru Ueda

    On Thu, 23 Mar 2000 09:50:25 -0500
    "Zehler, Peter" <Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com> wrote:

    > All,
    > I am working on arranging the facilities for the third IPP Bake-Off slated
    > to be held the week of October 16. I need to get an idea of how many people
    > are planning to attend.
    > The current Bake-Off plans include testing:
    > IPP1.1 implementation compatibility(mandatory operations/simple print
    > scenarios)
    > IPP 1.0 backward compatibility
    > Notification(At least 1 agreed upon method)
    > Set Operations
    > Security
    > As we get closer to the Bake-Off the content will be set and Bake-Off plans
    > published.
    > This straw ping is not binding in any way. If you think you will attend
    > please respond to this ping.
    > Thanks,
    > Pete
    > PS
    > We are still in search of a host for the Bake-Off. Anyone with any interest
    > level in hosting should also send me a ping and let me know so I can send
    > them additional information.
    > Peter Zehler
    > XEROX
    > Xerox Architecture Center
    > Email: Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com
    > Voice: (716) 265-8755
    > FAX: (716) 265-8792
    > US Mail: Peter Zehler
    > Xerox Corp.
    > 800 Phillips Rd.
    > M/S 139-05A
    > Webster NY, 14580-9701

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