IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Very small Job Mon traps (IPP notific

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> Very small Job Mon traps (IPP notific

IPP> Very small Job Mon traps (IPP notifications) - 31 May 2000

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 21:04:04 EDT

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    Hi folks, Tuesday (18 April 2000)

    Very small Job Monitoring MIB traps (for IPP Notifications over SNMP).

    jmDeviceEventV2Event NOTIFICATION-TYPE
        OBJECTS {

        OBJECTS {

    jmJobProgressV2Event NOTIFICATION-TYPE
        OBJECTS {

    I propose to write this all up in a revised Internet-Draft in the near


    - Ira McDonald, consulting architect at Xerox and Sharp
      High North Inc


    Changes from previous proposal of 22 May 2000:

    1) Revised INDEX clauses of tables to always use single-level indices.

    2) Added 'jmDeviceEventDeviceIndex', 'jmJobEventJobSetIndex', and
        'jmJobEventJobIndex' pointer objects to event tables but not traps.

    3) Deleted '...DeviceIsAcceptingJobs' from event table and trap
        because it's redundant with a value of '...DeviceStateReasons'.

    4) Deleted '...NotifyCharset', '...NotifyLanguage', and '...NotifyText'
        from event tables and traps because they're incompatible with SNMP
        libraries (which assemble trap bindings and then send the IDENTICAL
        trap to all registered destinations) - in IPP, each destination MAY
        request a DIFFERENT value of '...NotifyLanguage', etc.

    5) Deleted '...UpTime' from traps because 'sysUpTime' is included
        in SNMPv1 and SNMPv2/SNMPv3 traps by all conforming SNMP agents.

    6) Deleted '...DateTime' from traps and event tables because it's
        redundant with '...UpTime' objects.

    7) Deleted 'jmJobExtraTable' (for 'notify-attributes' from IPP) as it's
        redundant with attributes in 'jmJobTable' and 'jmAttributeTable'.

    8) Renamed '...TriggerEvent' to '...NotifyEvent' for clarity (and I
        think this is the agreement for all IPP notification methods).


    -- Device Table - devices which support job services

    --  Systems which also implement IETF Host Resources MIB (RFC 2790)
    --  SHALL set 'jmDeviceIndex' to 'hrDeviceIndex' for the same device

    -- INDEX { jmDeviceIndex } jmDeviceEntry ::= SEQUENCE { jmDeviceIndex Integer32 (1..2147483647), jmDeviceName SnmpAdminString, jmDeviceURI SnmpAdminString, jmDeviceServiceTypes JmJobServiceTypesTC, jmDeviceState JmDeviceStateTC, jmDeviceStateReasons SnmpAdminString }

    -- Device Event Table -- -- Rows are persistent until system reboot or table overflow

    -- INDEX { jmDeviceEventIndex } jmDeviceEventEntry ::= SEQUENCE { jmDeviceEventIndex Integer32 (1..2147483647), jmDeviceEventNotifyEvent SnmpAdminString, jmDeviceEventNotifyTime TimeTicks, jmDeviceEventDeviceIndex Integer32 (1..2147483647), jmDeviceEventDeviceState JmDeviceStateTC, jmDeviceEventDeviceStateReasons SnmpAdminString }

    -- Device Event Notify - for SNMPv1 Trap or SNMPv2 Trap/Inform -- -- For all device events

    jmDeviceEventV2Event NOTIFICATION-TYPE OBJECTS { jmDeviceEventNotifyEvent, jmDeviceState, jmDeviceStateReasons }

    -- Job Event Table - persistent only for lifetime of job -- -- Rows are persistent ONLY for lifetime of job

    -- INDEX { jmJobEventIndex } jmJobEventEntry ::= SEQUENCE { jmJobEventIndex Integer32 (1..2147483647), jmJobEventNotifyEvent SnmpAdminString, jmJobEventNotifyTime TimeTicks, jmJobEventJobSetIndex Integer32 (1..32767), jmJobEventJobIndex Integer32 (1..2147483647), jmJobEventJobState JmJobStateTC, jmJobEventJobStateReasons OCTET STRING (SIZE (4..16)), jmJobEventKOctetsProcessed Integer32 (-2..2147483647), jmJobEventImpressionsCompleted Integer32 (-2..2147483647) }

    -- Job Event Notify - for SNMPv1 Trap or SNMPv2 Trap/Inform -- -- For basic job events

    jmJobEventV2Event NOTIFICATION-TYPE OBJECTS { jmJobEventNotifyEvent, jmJobState, jmJobEventJobStateReasons }

    -- Job Progress Notify - for SNMPv1 Trap or SNMPv2 Trap/Inform -- -- For both job-progress and job-completed events

    jmJobProgressV2Event NOTIFICATION-TYPE OBJECTS { jmJobEventNotifyEvent, jmJobState, jmJobEventJobStateReasons, jmJobEventKOctetsProcessed, jmJobEventImpressionsCompleted }


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