IPP Mail Archive: IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update

IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update

From: Hugo Parra (HPARRA@novell.com)
Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 15:09:16 EDT

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    This version of the document incorporates many of the suggestions I received from Michael Sweet and Ira McDonald.

    The following summarizes the significant changes made in this version of the doc:

    1. Limited each value of the "client-print-support-files-supported" attribute to contain a single uri. This removes the requirement for "long" strings to hold these values. If there are multiple uri's where to download a given set of client print support files, each is listed in a separate value.

    2. Removed the need for the "long-text" syntax. Since the contents of each value string are either a uri or a human-readable representation of a keyword, internationalization issues never apply to these strings, so its syntax was changed to octetString(MAX).

    3. The legal values for "os-type" are the operating system names registered with IANA.

    4. Added "uri-scheme" to the definition of "client-print-support-files-request" to allow clients to narrow-down queries based on the uri-scheme of the uri from where the files can be downloaded.


    a) What operation ID can we assign the get-client-print-support-files operation?
    b) Can Digest Authentication provide enough client-side authentication to justify mandating it instead of TLS?

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