IPP Mail Archive: IPP> LDAP schema last call comments

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> LDAP schema last call comments

IPP> LDAP schema last call comments

From: harryl@us.ibm.com
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 22:31:36 EDT

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    The following comments resulted from more widespread review of the latest
    draft "draft-ietf-ipp-ldap-printer-schema-02.txt". The following changes
    are recommended.

    1. Section 3.4, second paragraph should specify printerServiceAuxClass
    instead of printerService. (I think this is just a typo).

    2. Attributes definitions that define possible values that are keywords
    should not have a substring matching rule since the keywords don't contain
    patterns of characters suitable for substring searches. Specifically
    SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringMatch should be removed from the attribute
    definitions in the following sections of this document: 4.4, 4.11, 4.12,
    4.13, 4.14, 4.16, 4.19, 4.21, 4.22, 4.25, 4.31, 4.32, 4.33.

    Harry Lewis
    IBM Printing Systems

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