IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP>NOT mailto feature from IETF meeti

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP>NOT mailto feature from IETF meeti

Re: IPP>NOT mailto feature from IETF meeting (RE: IPP> ADM - TheIPPNotification I-Ds will now go the IESG)

From: Jay Martin (jkm@underscore.com)
Date: Thu Aug 17 2000 - 00:38:52 EDT

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    Since you asked:

    > P.S. What is RBOC bypass?

    RBOC is the traditional telecommunications industry term for
    "Regional Bell Operating Companies" (aka "The Baby Bells"),
    created as a result of the break-up of AT&T way back. Examples
    are Ameritech, Pacific Bell, and...(grrr) Bell Atlantic,
    recently renamed Verizon Wireless (as a thinly veiled disguise
    to hide the guilty).

    Much of the mass hysteria (good hysteria, mind you) regarding
    the supply of new, faster, cheaper information services over
    high-speed communications revolves around circumventing the
    beauracratic RBOCs and their relatively slow and antiquated
    communications lines. The term "bypass" normally refers to
    the action of going around the RBOCs to provide services normally
    provided by the RBOCs.

    Of course, bypass is really directed to those companies referred
    to as ILECs (or Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers). Strictly
    speaking, all instances of "RBOC" in the above description should
    really be replaced with "ILEC", since not all ILECs are RBOCs.
    However, for the vast majority of customers in the U.S., their
    ILECs are more often RBOCs.

    Just to make this lesson in telecomm FLAs (Four Letter Acronyms)
    complete, the emerging set of companies trying to go head-to-head
    with the ILECs for common voice services are called CLECs (or
    Competitive Local Exchange Carriers).

    E I E I O... ;-)

    Like I always say, an informed telecomm customer is a CONFUSED
    customer. (YMMV)


    PS: When can I buy one of those QUALDOCS-fax thing-a-ma-jingies? ;-)
    (Egad, I hope the answer isn't, "When IPP notifications are
    finalized... :-O

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