IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - typos in 'indp' notification de

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> NOT - typos in 'indp' notification de

IPP> NOT - typos in 'indp' notification delivery method document

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 12:50:56 EDT

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    Thanks for the typos.

    There are three places where attributes are named "notification-xxx",
    instead of "notify-xxx":

    In section 8.1.1 "notification-recipient-uri" should be

    In section 8.1.2 "notification-status-code" should be "notify-status-code"
    in two places.

    Also 'client-error-ignored-all-notifications' is missing. Here is the text
    that should be included:

    9.1.2 client-error-ignored-all-notifications (0x0416)

    The Notification Recipient was unable to consume any of the Event
    Notification Attributes Groups sent by the Printer. The Event Notification
    Attributes Groups with a "notify-status-code" attribute are the ones that
    were ignored or are to be canceled.

    I'll includes these as fixes with the RFC Editor, unless we should update
    the document, produce another draft, and tell the IESG to look at that one.


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    Two questions about the 'indp' notification delivery spec.

    On line 343, is this attribute supposed to be "notify-status-code" (rather
    than notification)?

    On line 332, is the value 'client-error-ignored-all-notifications' supposed
    to appear in Section 9 with an associated hex value?


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