IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> NOT - Updated 'ippget' Delivery M

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> NOT - Updated 'ippget' Delivery M

RE: IPP> NOT - Updated 'ippget' Delivery Method for Event Notific ation posted

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 16:13:08 EDT

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    There is confusion about the title of this document. In order to be the
    same as the other delivery method documents, the title has the form:

                        Internet Printing Protocol (IPP):
                   The 'xxx' Delivery Method for Event Notifications

    and for 'indp' has "and Protocol/1.0" added.

    Unfortunately, the .txt file that we sent the Internet-Drafts didn't have
    this title for 'ippget'. Instead, it had:

                        Internet Printing Protocol (IPP):
                   The 'ippget' Event Notifications Delivery Method

    Also my original mail message still has the hyphen in the name (its
    'ippget', not 'ipp-get').

    In any case, the .doc and .pdf files have been re-downloaded to get the
    title correct, but the .txt versions are as was sent and announced by the

    We will get the titles consistent when we send out the next Internet-Draft
    for the 'ippget' method.

    Sorry about that,

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    Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2000 09:37
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    Subject: IPP> NOT - Updated 'ipp-get' Delivery Method for Event
    Notification po sted

    This was renamed from 'ipp-getw' at the meeting last week to 'ipp-get' and
    agreed to be the third RECOMMEND delivery method for IPP Notification. This
    method is a synthesis of Harry's server directed polling method and the
    earlier 'ipp-get' polling method. We also agreed at the meeting that for
    the moment we are not pursuing any additional Event Notification Delivery
    Methods. Send comments to the mailing list and/or discuss at today's

    Here is the Abstract:

    The notification extension document [ipp-ntfy] defines operations that a
    client can perform in order to create Subscription Objects in a Printer and
    carry out other operations on them. A Subscription Object represents a
    Subscription abstraction. The Subscription Object specifies that when one of
    the specified Events occurs, the Printer sends an asynchronous Event
    Notification to the specified Notification Recipient via the specified
    Delivery Method (i.e., protocol).
    The notification extension document [ipp-ntfy] specifies that each Delivery
    Method is defined in another document. This document is one such document,
    and it specifies the 'ippget' delivery method.
    The 'ippget' Delivery Method is a 'pull and push' Delivery Method. That is,
    the Printer saves Event Notification for a period of time and expects the
    Notification Recipient to fetch the Event Notifications (the pull part). The
    Printer continues to send Event Notifications to the Notification Recipient
    as Events occur (the push part) if the client has selected the option to
    wait for additional Event Notifications.
    When a Printer supports this Delivery Method, it holds each Event
    Notification for an amount of time, called the Event Notification Lease
    When a Notification Recipient wants to receive Event Notifications, it
    performs an IPP operation called 'Get-Notifications', which this document
    defines. This operation causes the Printer to return all Event Notifications
    held for the Notification Recipient. If the Notification Recipient has
    selected the option to wait for additional Event Notifications, the Printer
    continues sending Event Notifications to the Notification Recipient as
    additional Events occur.

    The -rev is diffed with the old file name ipp-poll which had the older
    'ipp-get' method. The files are available at:


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