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RE: IFX> Re: IPP> REG - Proposal for "job-recipient-name" Job Tem plate attribute

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 17:58:32 EDT

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    Hi Mike,

    Here's a way to have our cake and eat it.

    The attribute 'job-recipient-name' is specified to be
    a person's full name, network user name, or whatever
    name's descriptive to humans (but NOT meant to be
    parsed by automated software).

    A different attribute 'job-recipient-role' could hold
    'none', 'operator', 'admin', 'technician', etc. for
    jobs that need to reach someone who fills a particular
    role in the local network environment. If the attribute
    type was (keyword | name) then we could also let users
    specify roles like 'accounting', 'payroll', etc.

    - Ira McDonald, consulting architect at Xerox and Sharp

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    "Hastings, Tom N" wrote:
    > ...
    > TH> You mean you want to print a job for the operator but don't know
    > the operator's name, i.e., you want the operator to be the job
    > recipient? I'd be interested for an example situation of when an
    > end user would want to print a job for the operator.

    Example 1: a printing company has a web-based printing service that
    allows registered customers to submit files for printing. The
    operator(s) of the printing equipment need to know when a job
    comes in that required their attention (and the job is held until
    the operator readies the printer and releases it), however the
    customer does not know (and should not know) who will be doing the

    [This is a real-world example of something that is happening right

    Example 2: A coworker prints a document you forgot to a printer at
    the hotel you are staying at. You don't know who will be receiving
    the job, and the hotel requires a valid username or one of the
    keywords, so you have to say "operator" and include a cover page with
    the job.

    Example 3: Same as example 2, but inside a company a la fax pickup.

    Mind you, we can still do this without a keyword (just define special
    names on the server for this sort of thing), but it would be nice to
    have support for it in IPP (and not make everything we do in the
    real world an extension...)

    Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products                  mike@easysw.com
    Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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