IPP Mail Archive: IPP> EXC - IPP Override Attributes for Doc

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> EXC - IPP Override Attributes for Doc

IPP> EXC - IPP Override Attributes for Documents and Pages - down load ed

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 19:28:12 EDT

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    We reviewed the PWG document entitled: IPP Exceptions Model for Documents
    and Pages" at the meeting last week. One of the changes was to change the
    term from "Exception Model" to "Override Attributes", since the client is
    supplying Job Template attributes at the document level to override the job
    level ones and/or at the page level to override the job level and document
    level ones.

    The -rev version shows all the changes from the May 8, 2000 version, except
    for the 200 replacements of "Exception" with "Override". The files are at:


    We agreed to keep this a PWG document and make it a PWG standard, since the
    main use is in Production Printing and the IETF doesn't offer any expertise
    in this area to us. It will be sent out for PWG Last Call soon.

    Please send any comments to the pwg-ipp@pwg.org DL (but NOT to the
    ipp@pwg.org DL). I'm only announcing new documents to both lists. If you
    are interested in this subject, but are not subscribed to the
    pwg-ipp@pwg.org, you may do so by sending "subscribe pwg-ipp" in the body of
    a message to major-domo@pwg.org.

    The Abstract is:

    This document specifies an extension to the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0
    (IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and IPP/1.1 [ipp-mod, ipp-pro]. This extension
    relaxes the restriction that each attribute value is the same for all pages,
    all documents and all document copies within a job. For example, with this
    extension, page 1 of a job could have a different media from the other pages
    in the job or document 2 of a job could be stapled while the other documents
    of the job are not. As another example, the first ten copies of a document
    could be printed on letter paper and stapled while the eleventh copy of the
    same document could be printed on transparencies with no staple.

    This extension supports document overrides and page overrides by adding two
    new Job Template attributes: "document-overrides" and "page-overrides" --
    both have a syntax type of "1setOf collection". Each 'collection' value for
    "document-overrides" contains an attribute that identifies the overridden
    documents, namely "input-documents" or "output-documents". The 'collection'
    value also contains one or more attributes that are overrides for the
    identified documents, e.g. "document-format", "finishings", and "media".
    Each 'collection' value for "page-overrides" contains two attributes that
    identify the overridden pages, namely "input-documents" or
    "output-documents" plus "pages". The 'collection' value also contains one or
    more attributes that are overrides for the identified pages, e.g. "sides"
    and "media". When the overrides apply to some but not all document copies,
    the 'collection' value for "document-overrides" or "page-overrides" contains
    the attribute of "document-copies".

    This extension also supports subset finishing by adding a new Job Template
    attribute "pages-per-subset", which specifies the number of pages per
    subset. The extension allows finishing and other document attributes to be
    applied to such subsets of pages.

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