IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES - Bake-Off 3 Registration closed

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES - Bake-Off 3 Registration closed

IPP> TES - Bake-Off 3 Registration closed

From: Zehler, Peter (Peter.Zehler@usa.xerox.com)
Date: Thu Sep 21 2000 - 11:29:58 EDT

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    The registration period for the 3rd IPP Bake-Off is now closed. We have 17
    companies participating, not including the firewall/proxy vendors. At this
    time we have 4 committed firewall vendors and 1 proxy vendor. Others are

    The day to day details of Bake-Off logistics, planning and general Bake-Off
    communications has moved off the main IPP DL to a private Bake-Off
    Participants DL. Any relevant information will also be posted to the IPP
    DL. Anyone participating in the Bake-Off that does not receive a
    participant welcome note today should contact me.

    Following are the statistics for the IPP Bake-Off.

    v1.1 Printers 11
    v1.1 Clients 4
    v1.1 Test Tool 1

    v1.0 Printers 7
    v1.0 Clients 3
    v1.0 Test Tool 2

    (it is not clear if the notification methods and authentication/security are
     implemented in Clients, Printers or both. I will just give a participant

    mailto 10
    INDP 3

    Basic 10
    Digest 9
    SSL3 6
    TLS 5
    Kerboros 2


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