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RE: IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 21:51:59 EDT

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    At the Bake Off 3 we have discussed the following resolution. Please send


    Problem: [ipp-ntfy] doesn't specify the attribute syntax for the
    "notify-status-code" that is returned in each Subscription Attributes group
    in a Subscription Creation response.

    Suggested solution: [ipp-indp] defines the attribute syntax for the
    "notification-status-code" (which should be spelled "notify-status-code")
    attribute returned in each Notification Attributes group as 'type2 enum'.
    [ipp-mod] defines the attribute syntax of the "status-code" parameter as
    'type2 enum'. The 'type2 enum' attribute syntax, rather than 'integer' is
    intended to be used when the specification defines specific meanings for
    each value. Therefore, [ipp-ntfy] should define the "notify-status-code" to
    have the 'type2 enum' attribute syntax. Change name in [ipp-indp] from
    "notification-status-code" to "notify-status-code" for consistency of
    attribute names.

    Suggested text:
    Add to [ipp-ntfy] section Create-Job Response:
    "notify-status-code" (type2 enum):
    Indicates the status of this subscription (see section 17 for the status
    code definitions). This attribute MUST be returned in each Subscription
    Attributes Group.

    Change [ipp-indp] section 8.1.2 Send-Notifications Response from
    "notification-status-code" to "notify-status-code".

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    Subject: IPP> NOT> "notify-status-code" is undefined

    ipp-not-spec-000830 fails to specify the attribute syntax for
    "notify-status-code" (returned in the Subscription Attributes Groups of

    It's not really obvious how to encode it, either. The operation attribute
    group's "status-code" is a SIGNED-SHORT in a special location. There is no
    attribute tag for a SIGNED-SHORT. "Integer" and "enum" are SIGNED-INTEGER.

    I'm guessing it should be (integer(0x00000001:0x00000415))?


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