IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> IPP Bake Off 3 Issue 2

IPP Mail Archive: RE: IPP> IPP Bake Off 3 Issue 2

RE: IPP> IPP Bake Off 3 Issue 2

From: Atsushi Uchino (uchino@eitc.epson.com)
Date: Fri Nov 03 2000 - 13:29:20 EST

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    I can't understand why it is significant that IPP printer URL is different
    from Printer's URL for home page. Those are completely different object,
    I believe no one complains if IPP URL is not same as printer's one.
    Also if your printer has two IPP port, one dosen't require authentication
    and the other do, printer has to have two URL.

    If we mix two different things to one, it will make things too complicate.


    At 7:49 AM -0800 11/1/00, Taylor, Ross E wrote:
    >This requires that the user set up the client with multiple URL's for
    >different types of requests. It also means that the URL cannot be shared
    >between IPP and the printer web pages. Currently, one of the most
    >attractive things about IPP is that it can be set up on a PC by simply
    >putting the URL for the printer into the Add Printer Wizard. If the URL has
    >to be a different URL from the printer's home page URL, and there need to be
    >different URL's for different types of requests, the process is much more
    >complicated for the user. The extra effort gains nothing for the user.
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