IPP Mail Archive: IPP> RES - Summary of original Resource ob

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> RES - Summary of original Resource ob

IPP> RES - Summary of original Resource object with sub-typing for com parison

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 03:39:52 EST

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    I've down-loaded an 8-page summary of the original Resource object proposal
    written at the same level as the 8-page counter proposal (that uses '1setOf
    collection' Printer attributes, instead of Resource objects). The Resource
    object summary is available at:


    The -rev version shows the changes to the Counter proposal to make the
    original Resource object proposal. This allows readers to compare the two
    proposals directly. The two approaches are quite similar. The Resource
    object proposal copies the pattern of operations for the IPP/1.1 operations
    on Job objects and the recent Notification operations on Subscription
    objects. The '1setOf collection' Printer attribute proposal extends the
    Get-Printer-Attributes operation for (filtered) query of '1setOf collection'
    rows and adds new operations for operating on rows. Here is a high level
    comparison of the operations for the Resource object and the :

    Resource object proposal '1setOf collection' Printer Attribute

    Get multiple resource instances using a simple filter:

    Get-Resources Get-Printer-Attribute with:
       "resource-type" "collection-attribute" operation
       any resource attribute in any column attribute in
         Resource Attributes Group (new) Printer Attributes Group

    All the following operations specify which (single) Resource instance with
    the following input attributes:
       "resource-type" "collection-attribute" operation
       "xxx-name" or "xxx-id" Key Attribute in (new) Printer Attributes

    Get-Resource-Attributes Get-Printer-Attributes

    Create-Resource Add-Printer-Collection-Row

    Delete-Resource Delete-Printer-Collection-Row

    Set-Resource-Attributes Modify-Printer-Collection-Row

    Get-Resource-Data Get-Printer-Collection-Row-Data

    Create-Resource Set-Printer-Collection-Row-Data

    Renew-Resource requires a resource-specific operation,
                                      e.g., Renew-Image operation with a lease

    Here is the Summary of the Original Resource object proposal:
    Use a polymorphic generic Resource object type with sub-typing to describe
    fonts, media, paper trays, downloaded JPEGs, ICC Color Profiles, macros, ...
    Some of these resources can be down-loaded into the Printer, some can be
    installed by means outside the IPP protocol, and some can be properties or
    characteristics of the Printer as it comes from the vendor or is configured
    by the administrator when the Printer is installed. Some of these resources
    can have associated opaque binary data, such as font data, while others
    consist solely of attributes.
    These Resource object attributes are retrieved using the (new)
    Get-Resource-Attributes and Get-Resources operations which are modeled on
    the IPP/1.1 Get-Job-Attributes and Get-Jobs operations and the
    Get-Subscription-Attributes and Get-Subscriptions operations. Resource
    objects that can be loaded are defined to have Resource Template attributes
    (just like Job and Subscription objects), so that there are "xxx" Resource
    attributes and "xxx-supported" Printer attributes.
    The following new operations are defined for use with Resource objects:
            * Get-Resource-Attributes - returns the requested attributes
    of the identified Resource object instance.
            * Get-Resources - return the requested attributes of the
    Resource object instances based on a simple filter supplied by the client
            * Create-Resource - add a Resource object instance to a
            * Delete-Resource - delete a Resource object instance from the
            * (new) Set-Resource-Attributes - modify a Resource object
    instance of a Printer
            * Get-Resource-Data - same as Get-Resource-Attributes, and in
    addition get the object instance's associated opaque data.
            * Create-Resource - same operation sets the object instance's
    associated opaque data.
            * Renew-Resource - update the lease time for the Resource
    object instance for those Resource types that have leases.
    For consistency all seven operations have an Operation Attributes Group and
    a Resource Attributes Group in each request and response. The response
    always includes the requested Resource object attributes. In addition to
    the usual request operation attributes for a Printer operation, all six
    operations MUST include:
                    "resource-type" (type2 keyword) - which indicates the type
    of Resource, e.g., 'media', 'font', 'image', 'input-tray', 'output-bin',
                    Either "resource-name" (name(127)) or "resource-id"
    (integer(1:MAX)) - identifies the resource object instance. The Printer
    MUST support both.

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