IPP Mail Archive: IPP> www.ImprovingDemocracy.com

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> www.ImprovingDemocracy.com

IPP> www.ImprovingDemocracy.com

From: sandywho1212@yahoo.com
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 08:12:15 EST

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    Do you think itís time to make some changes in our government? If you do,
    please take a few moments to read the suggestions at
    www.ImprovingDemocracy.com. Weíve got the best government in the world, but
    we voters need to gain a stronger voice in how itís run Ė and this article
    suggests several ways for making that happen.

    All youíre being asked for is a few minutes of reading, and then a lot of
    thinking. There will be no request for money. The article is completely
    non-partisan, thereís no secret agenda, and no one will keep a record of who
    visits the site or downloads the text. I think youíll find the subject
    matter quite interesting.

    B.D. Foose [author]

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