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IPP Mail Archive: IPP> TES> [http-compliance] Compliance

IPP> TES> [http-compliance] Compliance Advisor: Call for Participation

From: Carl Kugler (kugler@us.ibm.com)
Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 11:27:18 EST

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    ---------------------- Forwarded by Carl Kugler/Boulder/IBM on 01/17/2001
    09:26 AM ---------------------------

    Alex Rousskov <rousskov@measurement-factory.com> on 01/16/2001 04:22:06 PM

    Please respond to http-compliance@egroups.com

    To: http-compliance@egroups.com
    Subject: [http-compliance] Compliance Advisor: Call for Participation

    Hi there,

         As many of you know, we have been working on launching an HTTP
    compliance testing project. There were several exciting changes in
    that direction. We now have a proposal that we want to share with you.


    In short, we are looking for interested parties that want to join the
    "core group" and seed the project. Please read the CFP above for
    details. If you or your company is interested, please e-mail <info at
    measurement-factory.com> or me directly.

    We have not solicited any firm commitments yet, but, based on informal
    conversations, I suspect that Akamai, Lucent, and Mirror Image are
    interested in becoming core members. We hope that other vendors/groups
    that produce or use Web intermediaries will follow. We have also been
    talking to W3C about potential cooperation; we will resume those
    negotiations when W3C is ready to form its QA activity this Spring.

    Our 30-day plan is

         1. Get first 5-7 potential members to express their interest.

         2. Discuss proposed timeline, scope, and budget.

         3. Get formal commitments and start applying
            Compliance Advisor prototype against member products.

    Thank you,


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