IPP Mail Archive: IPP> RE: MIME - Registration of all Printe

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> RE: MIME - Registration of all Printe

IPP> RE: MIME - Registration of all Printer MIB Print Document Formats (PD Ls) with IANA for IPP, UPnP, Bluetooth

From: Hastings, Tom N (hastings@cp10.es.xerox.com)
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 13:21:27 EST

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    Thanks for the information about decimal 50 (Prescribe) and 39 (LIPS).

    I've added this information to an updated version of the Print-MIME-tab.doc
    file and will collect any additional information that anyone supplies to any
    of these three mailing lists.

    The current description of 39 (LIPS) is: "LBP Image Processing System"

    Any idea what LBP stands for? Is there a better description of LIPS that
    Canon would like to see?

    Also is there a public reference to a specification, such as a manual or
    standard, that could be added? IANA likes to have references to the
    complete spec.


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    Subject: Re: MIME - Registration of all Printer MIB Print Document
    Formats (PD Ls) with IANA for IPP, UPnP, Bluetooth

    Regarding Enum(decimal):50,

    I believe Prescribe was originated by Kyocera.
    The Standard language of their printers are PRESCRIBE II.

    And also regarding Enum(decimal):39,LIPS is the Standard PDL originated
    by Canon.


    Shigeru Ueda


    On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 15:14:51 -0800
    "Hastings, Tom N" <hastings@CP10.ES.XEROX.COM> wrote:

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    > Agenda topic for IPP telecon, Wednesday, 1/17/00, 10-12 PST and the UPnP,
    > PWG, and IPP WG meetings, next week.
    > There is an increasing interest in having MIME media types for each of the
    > Printer MIB Print Document Formats. For example, Bluetooth is using enums
    > and bit masks to indicate the supported Print Document Formats. They are
    > using the Printer MIB enums, plus they have added 9 more allocating the
    > numbers immediately after the last one we assigned. The SMTP, IPP, IPP
    > and UPnP Protocols use MIME Media types to indicate the document format.
    > would be good for the Printer Working Group to keep the Printer MIB enums
    > and the MIME Media types aligned.
    > I have had an action item for over two years to register the Printer MIB
    > Print Document Formats that don't have a MIME Media type already
    > Perhaps the Bluetooth use is just the stimulus to get such a registry to
    > actually happen. I have attached a list of the MIME Media types from the
    > following sources:
    > RFC 1759, April 1994 (Interpreter Language Families): 3-46 ending with
    > - Xerox Escape Sequences
    > IANA Registry of Printer Language Numbers: 3-49 (added PCL-XL, ART, and
    > TIPSI)
    > Printer MIB V2 (Internet-Draft, August 9, 2000): 3-59 ending with Fujitsu
    > Printer Language
    > Basic Printing Profile, V0.5, 11/22/2000 (Data Formats or PDL): 3-59, plus
    > 60-68 (which add SPCL, VCard, VCal, VNote, VMessage, HTML, XHTML,
    > XHTML-Basic, and XHTML-Print)
    > The column headings are some of the suggested information that we would
    > in the IANA Registry:
    > Enum (decimal)
    > Enum (hex)
    > Name or Acronym
    > MIME Media Type (already registered)
    > Description, including full title
    > Reference
    > Company or Organization (without location, since it changes)
    > Before much more work is done, I'd like to discuss the table and the
    > that are flagged in yellow.
    > I'd also like to discuss how to register the ones not already registered.
    > Please send comments to the mailing list.
    > The IANA Registration Procedures need to have the following information:
    > MIME media type name :
    > MIME subtype name :
    > Required parameters :
    > Optional parameters :
    > Encoding considerations :
    > Security considerations :
    > Interoperability considerations :
    > Published specification :
    > Applications which use this media :
    > Additional information :
    > Person to contact for further information :
    > Intended usage : Common or ???
    > Author/Change controller:
    > The document is a landscape document in .doc and .pdf format at:
    > ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/new_MIME/Print-MIME-tab.pdf
    > ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/new_MIME/Print-MIME-tab.doc
    > Thanks,
    > Tom
    > <<Print-Document-Format-MIME-media-types-table.doc>>

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