IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> global paper size list

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> global paper size list

Re: IPP> global paper size list

From: Michael Sweet (mike@easysw.com)
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 16:55:27 EST

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    Norbert Schade wrote:
    > ...
    > 2. not to list 'Extra' sizes under a separate ID, as it is not 100%
    > clear what the exact physical size would be in every case. If the

    There are certain "standard" sizes that are in common use, such as
    the 12x18 and 13x19 media sizes that are often called "TabloidExtra"
    and "SuperB", respectively.

    Rather than not registering any names for these sizes, I would look
    to the manufacturers to see what "standard" sizes are commonly sold.
    Use this list to determine if special (non-ANSI/ISO/US) sizes should
    be enumerated.

    > ...
    > 3. not to list 'Transverse' sizes under a separate ID, as a any GDI
    > would not know and not be interested - as far as I know - in the
    > feeding method. In UPDF we may treat that as an additional attribute
    > perhaps for later use in previews. But when it comes to announcing
    > settings to the OS or creating a print file, this would not require
    > a change in functionality.

    I'm guessing you've never dealt with anything other than a simple
    laser or inkjet printer.

    Transverse sizes *are* necessary, although you can probably make it
    an added attribute to an standard size name (or however you are
    handling that stuff). Many medium and large format printers accept
    media in portrait and landscape orientations (i.e. short or long
    edge first), and often they are unable to automatically rotate a
    page/image sent from a computer to match the detected size (if the
    device even detects the media size, that is)

    So, a driver must be able to write a letter size page as 8.5x11
    or 11x8.5 depending on what the user tells it to do.

    This also comes into play when you deal with roll-based printers,
    where you may be printing multiple print pages across the roll
    media (to later be cut and collated). Often the printer cannot
    optimize the paper usage unless you tell it the right orientation
    for each page image (e.g. for a 44" roll you can print 5 transverse
    pages without waste.) Again, specifying the transverse media size
    is the only way to get the output correct.

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