IPP Mail Archive: IPP> URL - draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.tx

IPP Mail Archive: IPP> URL - draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.tx

IPP> URL - draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.txt (13 Feb 2001)

From: McDonald, Ira (imcdonald@sharplabs.com)
Date: Tue Feb 13 2001 - 20:39:17 EST

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    Copies: Carl-Uno Manros <cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com>
            IPP WG <ipp@pwg.org>
            SVRLOC WG <srvloc@srvloc.org>

    Hi folks, Tuesday (13 February 2001)

    I've just sent a new version of 'IPP: IPP URL Scheme' to the
    Internet-Drafts editor and posted a copy on the PWG server in the
    directory 'ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/new_URL/' in the files:

        draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.txt (13 February 2001)

        draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.pdf (PDF w/ line numbers of '.txt')

    The substance of this document is in five pages, starting at page 5 (see
    the change log below). Carl-Uno Manros (IETF IPP WG chair) plans to
    discuss this document at the IETF 50 Plenary in Minneapolis in March.

    The most important change is the correction of the typographical error
    stating "http:" rather than "ipp:" in the one-line ABNF (which was cut
    and pasted from HTTP/1.1, RFC 2616, into the previous '-01' version).


    - Ira McDonald, consulting architect at Xerox and Sharp
      High North Inc


    Appendix X - Change History

       [To be deleted before RFC publication]
       13 February 2001 - draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.txt
       - revised section 3 'IPP Model for Printers and Jobs' and section 4.5
         'IPP URL Scheme Syntax in ABNF' to add notes stating that "IPP URL"
         (in this document) is a synonym for "ipp-URL" in [RFC-2910], per
         request of Bob Herriot;
       - revised section 4.5 'IPP URL Scheme Syntax in ABNF' to correct typo
         that showed "http:" rather than "ipp:" in the one-line ABNF, per
         request of Tom Hastings;
       - revised section 4.5.1 'IPP URL Examples' to add a note discouraging
         the use of literal IP addresses in URLs, per [RFC-2616] and


    Copies: "Internet Drafts Editor" <internet-drafts@ietf.org>
            "Carl-Uno Manros" <cmanros@cp10.es.xerox.com>
            "Bob Herriot" <robert.herriot@pahv.xerox.com>
            "Ira McDonald" <imcdonald@sharplabs.com>
            "Ira McDonald" <imcdonald@crt.xerox.com>

    I-D Editor, Tuesday (13 February 2001)


    Please place this document in the Internet-Drafts repository named:

        <draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-02.txt> (13 February 2001)

    It replaces the previous:

        <draft-ietf-ipp-url-scheme-01.txt> (5 February 2001)

    Thanks very much,
    - Ira McDonald (IPP WG member, co-editor of IPP URL scheme)
      High North Inc



       This document is a product of the Internet Printing Protocol Working
       Group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Comments should
       be submitted to the ipp@pwg.org mailing list.
       This document is intended for use in registering the "ipp" URL scheme
       with IANA and fully conforms to the requirements in [RFC-2717]. This
       document defines the "ipp" URL (Uniform Resource Locator) scheme for
       specifying the location of an IPP Printer, IPP Job, or other IPP
       object (defined in some future version of IPP) which implements the
       IPP/1.1 Model [RFC-2911] and the IPP/1.1 Protocol encoding over HTTP
       [RFC-2910] or any later version of IPP. The intended usage of the
       "ipp" URL scheme is COMMON.
       The IPP URL scheme defined in this document is based on the ABNF for
       the HTTP URL scheme defined in HTTP/1.1 [RFC-2616], which is derived
       from the URI Generic Syntax [RFC-2396] and further updated by
       [RFC-2732] and [RFC-2373] (for IPv6 addresses in URLs). An IPP URL
       is transformed into an HTTP URL according to the rules specified in
       section 5 of the IPP/1.1 Protocol [RFC-2910].


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