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IPP Mail Archive: IPP> IPP-Server

IPP> IPP-Server

From: Lloyd Kauapundu (lloyd.kauapundu@materna.de)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 07:46:04 EST

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    I am relatively new to ipp and want to implement an IPP-Server and I am
    wondering how I should go about this. My question is, what is in actual
    fact an ipp-server? The Modell and sematics document states:

        A Printer object implements the server-side of the IPP/1.1 protocol.

       Using the protocol, end users may query the attributes of the Printer

       object and submit print jobs to the Printer object. The actual
       implementation components behind the Printer abstraction may take on
       different forms and different configurations."
    Concluding from this and other documents I have read, an IPP-Server is
    not really a server as such. Since IPP uses HTTP as a transport layer,
    this implies that an "IPP-Server" will be hosted by a HTTP-Server. Which
    means that an IPP-Server is actually a HTTP Server-Extension, such as
    CGI or servlets. Am I right in this asumption, can an "IPP-Server" be
    implemented as a servet that processes the Ipp-operations and
    attributes? If this is not the case, can someone who has implemented an
    "IPP-Server" let me in on how to go about this?

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