IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> H. Registering Print Document For

IPP Mail Archive: Re: IPP> H. Registering Print Document For

Re: IPP> H. Registering Print Document Formats (PDLs) as MIME media types

From: Carl Kugler (kugler@us.ibm.com)
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 15:26:45 EST

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    LineData: Line-data - Lines of data as separate
    ASCII or EBCDIC records and
    containing no control functions (no CR,
    LF, HT, FF, etc.) For use with traditional
    line printers. May use CR and/or LF to
    delimit lines, instead of records.
    ISO 10175 Document Printing
    Application (DPA)

    LinePrinter: A simple-text character stream which
    supports the control codes LF, VT, FF,
    and plus Centronics or Dataproducts
    Vertical Format Unit (VFU) language is
    commonly used on many older model
    line and matrix printers.

    Then there's the one and only true "line data": ours:
    Title: Advanced Function Presentation: Programming Guide and Line Data
    Authors: Author: Reinhard H. Hohensee
    Document Number: S544-3884-01

    Clearly, none of these matches ASA, which is also described in RFC 740,
    Appendix C.

         - Carl

    don@lexmark.com on 03/09/2001 10:38:19 AM

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    Subject: Re: IPP> H. Registering Print Document Formats (PDLs) as MIME
           media types

    I thought this was either "LineData" or "LinePrinter" in the current

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    "Carl Kugler" <kugler%us.ibm.com@interlock.lexmark.com> on 03/09/2001

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    Subject: IPP> H. Registering Print Document Formats (PDLs) as MIME media

    > ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/pwg/ipp/new_MIME/Print-MIME-tab-010302-rev.pdf

    Another type: ASA carriage control. On most Unix systems: "man asa".


      asa -- Interpret ASA/FORTRAN carriage control


      asa [file ...]


      Historically, printouts created by programs use the first character of
      each line to control the spacing between that line and the previous one.
      For example, if the first character is a space, the rest of that line
      immediately follows the previous line; if it is a 1, that line should
      begin on a new page, and so on.

      asa reads input in this format and writes it out in a normal text format,
      using newlines, formfeeds, and carriage returns to achieve the same
      effects as the carriage control characters.

      If you specify files on the command line, asa reads input from these
      files; otherwise, it reads the standard input (stdin). asa writes output
      to the standard output (stdout).

      It does not copy newline characters in the input to the output. Instead,
      it uses the first character of each line to determine how to print the
      rest of the line. asa interprets the first character as follows:

      Space Outputs the rest of the line without change.

      0 Outputs a newline character before printing line.

      1 Outputs a formfeed (start a new page) sequence before printing

      + Outputs a carriage return sequence so that line is output over
              previous line. If + starts the first line, it's treated as a


      asa uses the following localization environment variables:


      See Appendix E, "Localization" in topic D.0 for more information.

      Exit Values

      0 Successful completion

      1 Failure due to any of the following:

          Write error on stdout
          Inability to open the input file

      2 Unknown command-line option


      POSIX.2, X/Open Portability Guide, UNIX System V.

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